Freedom Mobile cell service for York Spadina Extension tunnels and stations starts December 17

Cellular service is also available at all 75 TTC Subway Stations


  • The good news is that TTC is improving. The bad news is that wireless signal in subway is a essential these days, even for the purpose of emergencies.

    • somebody else

      Righty-o! Except during a blackout. xD


    One of the reasons I joined freedom was because of this project.

    • somebody else

      I joined due to being sick of paying overages and outrageous prices with robelus (telus). Never looked back since 2011.

  • The Vinyl Dude

    The best Freedom signal strength in the city. Ironically, it’s in the place where I need it the least.

    • somebody else

      It varies where you live, work and hang out at, give them a break. Even robelus has their issues (despite a 30 year head-start), no cellular map is solid, they’re all swiss cheese-like.

  • somebody else

    Great news to hear, which will only get better once the crosstown opens 2021. 😀