Amazon says the first 1st Gen Echo does not support ‘Canadian English’


  • Anonymous Agent

    I don’t think there’s a difference between Canadian or US English. English is English lol

    • Jevin K. Ramjattan

      There are subtle differences. But that’s not the point though. I’ve switched over my country successfully from US to Can, however now I cannot access skills section as I need to switch to Canadian English which is not available for the gen1 devices. 🙁

    • Eluder

      Mind providing the steps used to switch? I’ve got mine setup with US English and not sure how to migrate them to the Canadian configuration. Thanks.

    • Jevin K. Ramjattan

      There are 3 areas from my understanding that need to be changed:
      1. Alexa App settings > device location address (this affects weather and traffic/commute location) This is possible to change on gen 1 devices.
      2. Amazon account country settings > content and devices (this affects your content i think) This is possible on gen 1 devices via the ‘more detailed guide’ above.
      3. Alexa App settings > device language (this affects the accent and access to skills). On gen 1 devices only English US, English UK, and German are available, not English Canadian. When I set up step 2 above, my entire skills section becomes inaccessible and i am directed to change language to Canadian, however Canadian is not available.

      I hope Amazon intends to update this later on and that this was just a rush for the holiday season to get out their 2nd gen devices to Canada. Otherwise I’ll just have to switch back to US settings, as everything works that way if I just setup step 1.

      The Canadian bank skills for example, form description, don’t even allow you to check your balance, it’s just a marketing tool for now. 🙁

    • David Brideau

      Is there a moose loose in the hoose?

  • Marshall Davidson

    I bought both an Echo Dot and Echo from the U.S. and still find I need to use U.S. country settings to access such things as Flash Briefings and my Kindle/Audible library. Its no big deal to me really because the Canadian skills really aren’t that compelling anyway.
    Plus, I get access to Pandora this way which isn’t possible using Canadian settings.

  • JD

    If you happen to have more than 1 Echo product. For some reason amazon sets the locale on per device basis. So if you set one to US and one to Canadian English. You can get skills from both to show up. It’s a weird grey area thing.

  • Sean Matthew

    I deactivate one of my echo dot and it works fine with canadian english but the skills section is not amazing plus they all are on the american skill store. And funny thing is thatthe echo app shows the echo tap as a chiice when you setup. A new echo .. and it even list pandora and iheartradio in the music preferences .. as for the echo show i dont even understand the point of this device as it has no decicated skills section and dont do much now that youtube is removed and it cannot eveb browse skills… But anyway american english understand me better anyway

    One question remains thought.. why amazon music usa works on tv’s but amazon music canada don’t .. in fact i can li k my th with my Canadian credentials but then nothing

  • Guilherme Morais

    They did something really not smart by releasing Echo and a version of FireTV that doesn’t support Echo/Alexa here in Canada. You cannot link the devices, had to return it.

  • Dave Kirk

    Be careful what you wish for. The Canadian voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

    Skill selection has to be done using Canadian English as the default. However, US skills selected before the Canadian release still appear under “my skills” and can’t be removed.

    All in all, poorly done. We should get to select whichever language we prefer. What if my mother tongue is German? Why can’t I use that at home?

    Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying Alexa since the release of the echo dot.