Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus are now available in Canada


  • Ravi888

    “The Echo Dot is Amazon’s lowest end smart speaker option and must be connected to a Bluetooth speaker in order to operate. ”

    Lol. They work just fine without a Bluetooth speaker. And in fact.. Play music without one as well. Sure the speaker isn’t as great as the larger ones.. But they work.

    • meister

      There’s also an AUX out port to connect to any non-Bluetooth system or speakers. Which is probably how most of Dot users do it.
      Looking forward to receive my Alexa too!
      I’ve been using Google Mini for the past week in my living room and for most parts it works really well!
      Alexa will be installed in my bedroom! LOL

    • Ipse

      That sounded pervy 🙂
      Be careful or you might end up “installed” in the garage by the SO…

      Waiting for my pre-ordered Dot so ship today…definitely plan to hook it up using AUX.

  • Dean Powell

    what about fire tablets?

  • Leif Shantz

    I’m really excited to play around with my 2 preordered Echo Dots tonight!i

  • Anthony Yaseyko

    I’m looking forward to hooking up my Echo Plus and Echo devices.
    I plan on creating a smart home, and have been playing with Alexa in my phone app learning what commands and features are available when I fully hook up my system!