Canadians are complaining more about their wireless service

Canada’s complaints watchdog published its annual telecom complaints report


  • _therealbry

    I never had a problem with Bell or any phone carrier for that matter. Most of the complaints are fools not understanding that by going over 10gbs on their 2gb plan will cause a huge overage charge

    • Mr Dog

      There are plenty of people with legitimate complaints. Not everyone is as lucky as yourself.

    • Goldfinch

      I know I am no fool. I left Bell long time ago because of their garbage customer service.

    • _therealbry

      10+ years as a bell customer with bundled service and never experienced ‘garbage’ customer service. Love Virgin Mobile as well, Fido not so much.

    • John Lofwire

      tried bell 3 times in the past.

      Every time its was crappy tech support or hidden stuff ( like sharing my ip ) that made me leave.

    • Razvan Zamfir

      donno about phone service, but TV/internet services can and do screw over regular customers. Example: a friend, manager working for a bell store had bell internet and fibe tv and basically got charged overusage in internet because his TV usage somehow got counted in the internet section. That’s because both of them used the same “pipe”. And it kept happening over and over. If even a bell store manager can’t get bell tech to understand that he’s basically getting shafted due to “technical” issues, then what chance does a regular customer have?

  • Techguru86

    Had Bell for many years, never had issues but data plans sucked went to Wind at the time, it was rough but since network expansion and LTE, no issues at all.

  • Brad Fortin

    Bell accounted for 42.4 percent of all telecom complaints.

    I wonder if there’s any link between this and that CBC report a few weeks ago about Bell’s alleged sales tactics?

    • K_p0w3r

      Not Surprising. I once had a Bell Rep at The Source try to block me from leaving the store without signing up for a plan with virgin. All of the big 3 have their stupid crap. Bell though seems to always reach for that extra mile of contempt for its customers and apparently its staff as well. Then when they’re called out on it they publicly react like a spoiled toddler, kicking and screaming in-front of the CRTC.

  • The Vinyl Dude

    I was with Bell for decades and never felt they were that bad, certainly not as bad as others. My biggest complaint is that their ‘techs’ never seemed to know what they were talking about and would often contradict themselves.

    • John Lofwire

      The tech is the reason i flushed Bell for home internet ect.
      Really bad service when you ask questions they have no clue what they talk about and when you challenge them its even worst.

      They where sharing my IP adress blocking me from hosting online game in various games when i called them they said i needed to pay an extra to have a dedicated dynamic ip… next guy said the ip was not shared and another guy told me i needed to pay 9.99$ per month for tech support.

      Crappy service.

    • That is my only complaint with Bell, If I have to call in and ask anything, its a nightmare. I pray I get someone that knows but its a gamble and most of the techs just show up and waste time.

    • The Vinyl Dude

      I always got the impression they were trying to give good service but were either let down by their training or company policy. They reminded me of the Little Engine That Could(‘nt): “I think I can. I think I can. Oh crap, I can’t! Let me pass you to another tech equally as incompetent as me.”

  • Chris

    Duh. It costs them next to nothing to run what they charge us insane amounts for. They’re profiting insane amounts regardless of infrastructure expense.

  • Do Do

    It really is amazing how horrible these companies are. I haven’t used Telus in a long time but as far as Rogers and Bell goes, amazing.

    Also, you can be sure there would be a lot more complaints if people knew the CCTS even existed.

  • These survey’s are stupid. It is the same people complaining just to complain. I have seen people have out burst in a restaurant because the debit machine was down. These are the type of people they survey for this stuff. Customer service is horrible everywhere, never just the one company or one industry.
    Sometimes we get lucky and never have to call in but chances are if you call into any company for customer service, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    • basesloadedwalk

      Customer service took a back seat to lower prices a decade or two ago. That’s why a lot of traditional stores like Sears are being phased out.

  • heynow00

    The 3000+ wireless code violation reports v.s under 100 actually being legit shows how J-ro is right and it’s mostly just people complaining.

    I wonder how many times they received complaints of the nature, ‘my carrier won’t give me the phone I want for $0’

  • XY

    the first thing I noticed was the screenshot of the website opened on apple x.