Loblaws partners with Instacart for grocery delivery service


  • Widohmaker

    Yikes with the 7.5% service fee + separate shipping charge.

  • The fees are a bit much. It seems like they want it to fail. With prices going up, why pay more than we have to? It cost less to just uber there and back.

    • Omis

      Yeah wait until they implement the next phases. Close the majority of stores to make it inconvenient for you to go to. Then stock those stores with half rotten foods like it’s a Freshco and the only way to get fresh food is to pay for their premium on-line service. Oh you’ll pay those fees in the end. Maybe not today but eventually.

    • They can’t do that. Doing that would assume everyone is either a coder or a farmer. To put that many people out of work just to sell me bad fruit would destroy their bottom line. The future holds better pricing as more companies get on board with this. High end consumers pave the way for the rest of us that can’t or won’t pay those prices.

    • Omis

      I think corporations always assume that someone else will be willing to pay them to work.

      Just look at Metro. When Ontario wanted to raise the minimum wage, the very first thing they did was say they plan on speeding up automation so they could lay off workers.

  • Dimitri

    Longos has the best services to be honest. Tried Walmart and even though they are good, they screwed up on the order and gave me nearly expired meat ( expired in 2).

    This comes now that Loblaw’s is closing 22 stores right?. That was announced also this morning. So 22 store employees will lose their jobs. Great to know. How come MS didn’t also say that?

  • CodyS

    a 7.5% service fee?! AHAHAHAHAH NO THANKS.

    IGA delivers in Montreal (not everywhere) for a minimum order of $45. I will admit I’m not 100% sure they don’t have extra fees but not $3.99 plus 7.5% of the total. That’s just insane, I can’t see anybody using this unless they physically couldn’t get groceries themselves. Should we really be taking advantage of such things when it comes to food?