Pebble’s founder is working on an iPhone AirPod charging case


  • Alex

    ya… dont think i’d buy this. imo, thats like leaving ur earphones connected at ALL times… just not needed. The extra bulk is something i dont want… i mean, i’d like a new way to hold my airpods sure, but not like that…. a nice belt clip would be better imo.

  • Marshall Davidson

    lmao! Migicovsky is a clown. This is a guy that sold his company for a mere $23 million when he had an offer on the table for $740 million. What kind of businessman does that?

    Now he’s out here trying to shill an iPhone case? Unbelievable. How the mighty have fallen.

    • Rev0lver

      He’s still 1000x more successful than you. What does that say about you?

    • Marshall Davidson

      Really? Well we all know how adept you are at rating management of companies so in all seriousness you’re better of keeping your mouth shut and let people think you’re ignorant rather than open it to confirm as much.

      A guy that sells his company for a fraction of an original offering is an *diot and that’s the bottom line. Maybe that’s the kind of move you’d make and still call it a success which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • He’s still got $23 million more than most of us.

    • Marshall Davidson

      But that’s not the point Patrick. The guy had an offer on the table for three quarters of a billion bucks for a watch brand that really wasn’t all that great to begin with. Furthermore, his attempt to push new Pebble watches when he knew well in advance the company was on the ropes (and in fact probably misled you guys in an interview about the company’s prospects) was nothing short of irresponsible.
      I don’t consider a guy who may gain $23 million from a sale when he could’ve gotten $750 million to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

      And now he’s trying to hock iPhone cases? Pfftt! Puleeze.