How to watch the NFL in Canada

NFL rights in Canada are split mainly between Bell Media and sports streaming platform DAZN


  • mgoblue20000

    So far I’m not too happy with DAZN. While the price is much better than what the NFL offered last year, the streaming quality is much worse. The games this weekend kept pixelating and going to such a low resolution that they were almost unwatchable. There is no way in the app to adjust the streaming quality yourself. DAZN says they have an algorithm to deliver the best quality, but so far in my experience this is not the case. I have good internet at my home and have streamed football game with Game Pass for years and not had the problems I’ve already experienced with DAZN. I also pay for MLB.TV and it was working fine this weekend as well so the problem was limited to DAZN. I’m hoping that they can tweak or optimize things for the regular season.

    • Matt Dore

      I have had choppy playback with DAZN as well. Same situation as you, high speed, stream other services fine. From what I know they are streaming the NFL feeds in 25fps so the feed appears HD but is choppy and gets hard to watch. I have been in contact with them and they are apparently going to “fix this in the near future”… not sure when that is because as of today I have the same issues.

  • Glassbase

    I know this article is about the “other” football… but I’ll chime in

    I have subscribed (still in trial period) to DAZN to watch soccer (beIN games) and can say I was impressed with quality so far.

    For $20 I’d pay to beIN, they don’t have Apple TV or Android TV app but DAZN has both. Bein also blocks AirPlay when trying to AirPlay to Apple TV. BeIN Service is ok when it works.

    The other thing about BeIN is when it comes to their CONNECT service. The only streams that are HD are BeIN 1 and BeIN Español and the rest of channels 2-9 are SD. Yet with DAZN, they are all HD quality.

    • Russ

      Thanks for this info!

  • Jason Chu

    Ok good TSN, CTV and CTV2 comes with basic cable so I’m im good. Plus we get CBS, NBC and Fox.

  • Mike Morton

    So far for me DAZN has been great HD quality for NFL pre-season games. I am on Rogers internet, avg 110mb download speed. Event last week on LTE in cottage country it was really clear.

    I find DAZN better then the Rogers sports pack cable channels from last year. For some reason they were always poor quality for NFL games.

  • Cristian Tane

    Also joined DAZN and loving it so far. The interface is really simple and straightforward (very Netflix-like), the streams worked great for me (watched a bunch of soccer and tennis, did not try any NFL games yet), and I love how easy it is to catch up on games you missed – with no spoilers anywhere. The fact the app is literally everywhere (phones, tablets, PS4 / XBOX, smart tv’s) is also great. The lack of PS4 / TV app is what keeps me from subscribing to something like Sundance or Shudder.