Poll: Will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?


  • Benjamin Lehto

    How much is it again, $2500?

  • Pierre Alexandre

    Nope battery is smaller than the S8+ … so a big no

  • Tim

    I’d rather get an S8+ I see zero benefit to the Note except for the Dex dock which I’m sure will eventually work with all phones if it doesn’t already.

    • John Lofwire

      Dex dock work for basically all found…

  • BB71

    Nice phone but overpriced compared to the S8+ with only a couple of value added features. Not sure it’s worth it unless you are a die-hard stylus fan.

  • Whome

    Costs way too much. I’m not really in the market for a $1400 phone.

  • Anouar

    For that price! Who’s gona buy it?! Wrong investment.

  • Nachotech

    For comparison, I could buy a very good gaming computer or a 55″+ 4K TV for the price of the Note 8. There is no way I could ever justify spending $1349.99+ tax for a phone unless I was using it all day every day for my work or business. Or I was Floyd Mayweather rich.

    • thereasoner

      You just need to buy at the right time like now with great back to school sales, black Friday sales, boxing day sale etc. Depending on how well this phone does you may begin to see great discounts soon enough.

      The only people who absolutely have to pay full freight these days are those who pre-order or those who must have it soon after it comes out. That and those looking for devices that are short stock as was the case for the Pixels/Pixel XL the first 5-6 months.

    • John Lofwire

      I would not pay that much for a phone.

      As my monthly line is free ( no monthly cost ) i have to buy them full price ( well 50% off ) but even then its way too much.

      Gonna get a 400$ or less device ( That would usually cost about 800$ max ) instead.

  • smallmj

    Overpriced, overpriced, overpriced, and it doesn’t run stock Android.

  • GaDgEtMoN

    With the way the upgrade incentives are now just a means to financing the phone and with the over inflated retail prices, I really wonder who will be buying these phones for 1300/1400$ plus tax…

  • KiwiBri

    No. Waiting to see the S9. Maybe upgrade from S7 edge.

  • stevedion

    I pre-ordered from the Samsung website. I already sold my S8+ on Kijiji. The price is making me rethink my purchase. Besides my trusty Pixel is serving me well…

  • Gord Walford

    I’m interested but concerned about the large size – not sure if it will fit in my pocket. Bigger is not always better! Will have to get the dimensions and compare with my Note 4 (or wait til they come out) before making a decision.

    • KiwiBri

      just think, everyone was after the *smallest* phones 10 yrs ago, and now we’re after large devices again! lol

  • Francois Nguyen

    After the Note 7 fiasco, no way I’ll ever buy a Samsung phone on launch. I’ll wait one year of feedbacks, then I’ll consider lol. My current Note 3 on custom Kitkat ROM serves me well right now.

  • The Finder

    Where’s the poll?

    • Greg Joplin

      This is the poll.

  • tvguy

    Poll? Hello??

  • Richard da Silva

    Super excited to get the Note 8. Samsung knows there is a small demographic out there where price is no barrier.

    • Deli

      They expect to sell at least 11 million Note 8s. Not exactly a niche! lol

    • Richard da Silva

      LOL…true that. It would be great if they made these with some exotic finishes etc, like titanium or carbon fiber.

    • Deli

      That’s a superb idea. Though Samsung could get their collective sh*t together and release all the same colours at one in all regions like Apple.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Will not be buying any new Samsung products… definitely not a $1469 phone that comes with 64GB storage…. For that money I can get 2×1 TB SSD of the best kind in RAID-0 for my laptop’s primary storage needs and make it fly for the next 3 years. This phone will be outdated by note 9 next year, thanks to the battery, storage, RAM and the constant evolution of the mobile processors.

    • Philosoraptor

      Yeah, I love using my SSD as a portable communication device and camera!

  • Eric M.

    I don’t see any poll 😛

  • Dimitri

    My S8+ is doing fine. I rather not spend the extra cash on the same device but a dual camera, 6Gb ram and a Spen. I rather wait until next year.

  • thereasoner

    Yes, but not until the new year when both my wife and I can get new phones with little to no up front costs on my corporate data share plan.

  • Ryan

    Samsung is the McDonald’s of mobile

    • Kasey C

      Ray Kroc stole the idea from Mr. Samsung? LOL.

  • Jas Kamoh

    Waiting too see what incentive Samsung will offer previous Note 7 owners in Canada. Then there is the LG V30 just around the corner.

  • Andrew

    Most likely yes but not until it is much cheaper

  • GuyM

    was a note fan, from the first one, but it got it’s limite, i’m not goiing to pay 1300$ +tx for a phone even if it’s a note one ! maybe if the price cut !

  • FlamesFan89

    Nope, not a chance. After moving from a Samsung Galaxy S5, to supposedly “downgrading” to a Nexus 5, and now a Pixel XL, I can’t ever see myself going back to a Samsung phone. I understand that the hardware is great and all, but the experience of pure Android is just SO much better in my opinion. My father has a Galaxy S7, and he’s not a real techy guy, so I have had to help him out with some things on it, and man, I find using a Samsung infuriating since moving to stock Android phones.

    If Samsung made the Note, put on Stock Android with the addition of the tricks you can do with the S-Pen, but no skin, no rearranging the settings, no duplicating every darn app, just stock plus s-pen stuff, then I would consider it. That would be a sweet device.

    • John Lofwire

      CRTC should do its work and force all OEM who sell in Canada ( yes including apple ) to be able to remove any preinstalled app ( not hide them but fully uninstall them to free space as well ) Thats would be a real consumers first approach.

    • FlamesFan89

      hear hear

    • Greg Joplin

      T AGREE

    • Deli

      Sorry. Had stock android multiple times no thanks. Had nexus, oems with stock experience, just not good enough. Samsung has room to improve but ahead of the game. One plus 5 I could entertain.

    • FlamesFan89

      we will have to agree to disagree, because you would have to pay me to go back to a Samsung experience. Everything about it just seems to have an extra layer of difficulty added, or an extra step to do things. For me, and the way I use my phone, Stock is far and away a better experience than a Samsung experience.

    • Lion5

      I have been using Samsung for years. My experience with Nexus S was dull. I bought a Pixel last year and even though it’s a nice device, I find it severely lacking in software and capabilities compared to a Samsung. The whole “stock Android” experience is yawn-inducing in my opinion. The recent update to Android 8 was nothing special. They added Picture in Picture… A feature Samsung has had since the Note 2! Android 7 added multi-window… A feature Samsung has had since Note 1!!! The Samsung implementation of multi-window has more features too. The camera takes nice photos but has the most basic feature set. Thank goodness I can afford to pay for devices which provide the features and software that I like.

    • FlamesFan89

      I too can afford to pay for devices which provide the features and software that I like. I chose the Pixel XL as it suits my needs perfectly, has great hardware, is fast and snappy, and gets updates essentially immediately.

      I don’t need picture in picture or any sort of extra camera modes. I had a Galaxy S2, and an S4, and an S5, and I think the only extra Samsung feature that I ever used was Smart Stay, which is legitimately a good feature. Everything else just seems to be unnecessary, at least for how I use my phone. It’s a tool for me. I use it to communicate (phone, text, IM, email, social media), plan (calendar), bank and pay for things, media consumption (reading and videos), and to take pictures.

      What features and abilities am I severely lacking? What Samsung features would drastically alter the way I use my device? I’m not seeing it.

    • Lion5

      “stock Android” is boring. In my opinion I find it boring and not much better than iOS. To each his own. I can list dozens more things that my Samsung’s can do that the plain Jane Pixels and Nexus cannot. YAWN. I use both phones daily.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m not questioning whether or not Samsungs can do more. Yes, they have more features than stock Android. I’m not disputing that. What I’m saying is that I never found any of those extra features particularly useful. I never used them, with the exception of Smart Stay.

      So again, which of these extra features are so important, or so great, that they would alter the way I use my phone? I went through three Samsungs, and with the exception of Smart Stay, didn’t find any compelling extra features that make a Samsung phone with Touch Wiz or whatever they are calling their skin now, worth putting up with the tremendous bloat, horribly delayed updates, etc.

      I don’t need my phone to be exciting, or not boring. I need it to be functional. It is a tool, not an action movie. I don’t need “exciting” features that are fun to show off, but that don’t really ever get used or make anything particularly better. If they are just there for the wow factor, or to show off, but don’t ever actually get used, then they are just wasting space in my device, and are likely another reason for delayed updates.

    • Lion5

      Yawn. I couldnt be bothered to read this.

    • FlamesFan89


      I think I get it now. You want more features, because you want your phone to do everything for you, so that you can be as lazy as humanly possible.

  • wheels

    price is ridiculous!

  • Fodder0f4

    Pre-ordered through my carrier. Have one number that doesn’t have anything owing on it. Trade in my S7 edge for $200, and I’ve already been squirreling away some money to pay for the rest. Case on order for it (should be here before the phone).

    Looking very much forward to this device.

  • John Lofwire

    invisible poll?

  • Super_S

    Nope, definitely not.

    Have the Note 5 and have pretty much hated it since the honeymoon phase ended (about 2 weeks in). It was my first Samsung phone, and will be my last. Main dislike is Samsung’s modifications to Android. They have added uncessesary complications and non-standardizations that just make life more difficult.

    I also thought the bigger size would be better for my 45 min commute, however, it’s the opposite as you can’t use the big phone in one hand well at all, and therefore I just get more annoyed with it.

    Oh, and in the last 2 years, I’ve used the stylus about 10 times, definitely not worth the extra cost.

    And let’s not even talk about the horrific price of the Note 8. I mean, give me a break. Sure I could spend the money on it if I wanted to, but that’s just a stupid price meant to pad the pockets of Samsung.

  • Greg Joplin


  • Deli

    Oh Hell Yes! Miss my Note 7!

  • Anonymous Agent

    Nope I’ve had bad experiences with Samsung phones. Samsung S7 battery dying so fast had to charge that thing 3-4 times per day. Samsung S7 edge phone kept turning off and back on on its own several times per day. Note 5 with connection issues. I’m sticking to my LG G6 I just got a few weeks ago. Samsung phones are overpriced with many manufacturing issues and glitches on their phones.

  • Jordih

    I would love too, but I don’t do contracts. Full price is way to rich for me. Probably going to pick up an og Pixel XL for $400 after the 2 releases.

  • pozzitron

    waited for announcement of the note 8. picked up a galaxy s8+ on the weekend.

  • Andrew Teeluck

    Nope, my contract isn’t up until Black Friday 2018, so I’ll likely pick up the Note 9.

  • Renault Cartier

    No. I’ll keep my S8+

  • adam

    Ordered a long overdue replacement… Supercharged mobile reborn!!!

  • h2oflyer

    Nope…S7 was hopefully my last Samsung. Apple could pull this off for a lot of different reasons, but being greedy and in second place won’t work for Samsung.

  • Ciprian Manolache

    I dunno yet…. If we get the same deal like in the states yes… (Previous note 7 owners get a significant discount)

  • Christine

    Bought the s8 plus instead… Half the price.. Basically the same features.. Except the pen or better design

  • Rassal

    Same here, way to expensive. I am still under contract with my Note5 until Oct 31st… so i will let the hype go through, and see what price drop it will get in the coming weeks, months… then i might switch…

  • Lion5

    I pre-ordered right after the reveal broadcast ended. Feature-wise, it has no equal. For similar pricing, one can get other phones lacking in tonnes of the features.

    I paid $1,100 for the Google Pixel XL and can see first-hand how it lacks in the features department when compared to my Galaxy Note 5. Just a few items the Note 5 has that the Pixel does not:
    – hear rate sensor
    – blood oxygen SpO2 sensor
    – ANT+ radio for connecting accessories such as heart rate strap, cameras, etc.
    – Dual camera mode (front and back simultaneous which is NOT available from any 3rd party app)
    – Over $300 worth of free applications and services from Samsung Galaxy
    – and more

  • miiopinion

    I saw one person mentioning in the U.S. who was a former Note 7 user that he was getting a $475 discount. If Canadians get $500 off, I will purchase one. If not, I will keep my underpowered yet affordable DTEK 50.