Amazon Prime Original ‘The Tick’ offers a new take on the cartoon classic

Among a number of other series on their way to Amazon Prime Video, a nostalgic blue bug superhero is soon coming to the streaming platform.

The Tick, a new, upcoming Prime Video Original, is set to air in two parts that are set to hit the Canadian version of the service on August 25th with Part 1. Prime Video will feature Part 2 in 2018, with both sections of the show being six episodes long. I was able to watch the first few episodes of the Tick and though a lot has changed, it still carried a nostalgic theme to it.

This live action variant to the show featured a Tick character that had super strength and is invulnerable like the original cartoon character. Though he features a level of strength and invulnerability, the character is just as dim as the 1994 cartoon character.

The blue crusader, who is still wrongly dubbed ‘the Tick’ considering he lacks eight legs and doesn’t suck blood, has not experienced much of a change, at least not within the first four episodes of part one of the series. While the live action Tick remains consistent with its predecessor, Arthur Everest, the sidekick, is not anywhere near similar to his cartoon variant.

Arthur Everest evolves from an accountant who quit his job to become the superhero he always dreamed of, to a character who struggles with his mental heath. Though — even in the live action show — he has always wanted to become a superhero and stumbles unto a villain’s hideout, he knows he isn’t cutout to be hero. Without any super powers, struggling with haunting memories of his past and with knowing he once faced issues with hallucinations and paranoia, he fights against the Tick who is trying to enlist him as a side kick.

Everest is the main character of the show and I am hoping to see a lot more development from his character as the show progresses.

The series stars Peter Serafinowicz as the Tick, Griffin Newman from Thanksgiving and Search Party, Jackie Earle Haley from Preacher and Yara Martinez from True Detective and Jane the Virgin.

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