HBO Spain accidentally releases episode 6 of Game of Thrones season 7


  • Rev0lver

    I know what I’m doing tonight!

  • Ricky Bobby

    I’m afraid the Rogers and Bell police force will file an Anton Pillar order on me if I watch this

    • Jason

      They can’t do anything. It’s one thing to know that it came from your IP address but they need to prove it came from a computer you own otherwise you can say someone on the street hacked your wifi and downloaded it. And if you are really worried grab a VPN.

    • levoila

      I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think your claim of someone hacked your wifi will work because in this kind of cases they only need to prove there is at least a bit over 50% chances of you being the one who did it. Claiming a hacker used your wifi will add a bit of doubt but not to the tune of more than 50%

    • Jason

      OK true that was a bad example but then you can say a friend downloaded it and you were unaware

    • heynow00

      Rogers/Bell simply send you the email. They are not looking for it and don’t care. It’s when you download from torrents and anyone can see what you are downloading.

      Certain torrents are marked/watched. The companies that produced the material file a complaint based on IP and I believe as of jan 1 2015 it became mandatory for the telecoms to pass this complaint to the customer.

      This complaint means nothing. The telecom did not give any information about you. Nothing could happen to you unless the producer of the content perused legal action.

      Studies show that 60% of customers who receive this email will stop downloading pirated content which is part of why they became mandatory to be sent out. But it’s really nothing to be concerned of.

    • levoila

      There is a lawsuit from Voltage against Rogers going on right now to see if Rogers is allowed to charge them for handling them the names who had those IP at the time of the infringement. Obviously Voltage doesn’t want to pay for the information otherwise it won’t be beneficial for them because they usually push people to agree to pay $50-60 (IIRC) out of court

    • xanth18

      Three letters…

      It’s worth it for more than just this.

    • levoila

      Make sure they don’t keep any logs though

  • xanth18

    And what an episode it was too! Wow.