Images of reported Sony Xperia XZ1 leak ahead of reveal


  • Surveillance

    What’s the point of this phone, exactly?

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Non-4K XZ Premium more or less. The XZ lacked a 835 SoC, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage on the single SIM & the slowmo.

  • zanzee

    This could be a nice replacement for my edge 7. I’m done with curved edges and all glass construction. The 960fps camera, a flat screen and no touchwiz crap have me sold.

  • Garrett Cooper

    That is not a very attractive phone.

  • skrug

    “…relatively chunky bottom and top bezels.”
    Did you guys say the same thing to iPhones/Pixel?

    “The rear camera is tucked up at the top, on the extreme right side…”

    You mean the left side.

  • tazcubed

    So, to be clear: Sony is just now releasing the Xperia XZ to Canada and the next one (XZ1) is virtually coming down the manufacturing line. Why does Sony take so long to bring these phones to the North American markets?! Do they not see that they’re essentially shooting themselves in the foot? Why would people want to buy an expensive phone (that’s lacking usage of the fingerprint reader to boot) when it’s basically outdated by the time it comes to market? I had one of the original Xperia Z1s and considered replacing it, but not under the circumstances.