Forget curved screens, Samsung introduces stretchable display at Display Week 2017


Samsung is a manufacturer seemingly obsessed with contorting the screens we view content on.

Their Galaxy Round phone was one of the first viable consumer products with a curved display, their Galaxy Note Edge was their first product to offer a pragmatic argument for a curved edge, and their Galaxy S6 Edge phone served as proof that curving a display needn’t be a purely pragmatic decision.

Now, Samsung’s looking to introduce a new ‘screenovation’: Stretchable displays.

According to the Korean Herald, Samsung plans on unveiling a stretchable display at Display Week 2017 — the Society for Information Display’s annual symposium.

The 9.1-inch, OLED display can bend, fold, and rolled up, while still retaining its use as a technological device.

“While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed — whether curved, bended, or rolled — in both sides, above, and below,” said a Samsung spokesperson in an interview with the Korean Herald.

Additionally, the display can be dented up to 12 millimeters, “like a balloon,” and still retain its original shape.

The Korean Herald also reports that Samsung will be showing off a 5.09-inch “glassless three-dimensional OLED.”

This new screen can be used for “3-D pop-up books, 3-D games, and virtual reality.”

Via: Korean Herald

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