Prime Minister Trudeau is heading to next week’s Microsoft CEO Summit


Justin “let me teach you about quantum computing” Trudeau will attend Microsoft’s CEO Summit later this month, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on Thursday.

The conference, set to start on May 17th in Seattle, Washington, will see the Prime Minister promote the Cascadia Innovation Corridor as well as attempt to draw talent to Canada. More than 150 CEOs from a variety of different companies are expected to attend, with this year’s theme focused on navigating change.

Trudeau is also scheduled to meet the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee. Trade between Canada and the State of Washington was valued at close to $20 billion in 2016.

Canada’s greatest strength is its skilled, hard-working, creative, and diverse workforce. Canada is recognized as a world leader in research and development in many areas like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and 3D programming,” said the Prime Minister in a statement issued to press. “Our government will continue to help Canadian businesses grow and create good, well-paying middle class jobs in today’s high-tech economy.”

[source]Prime Minister’s Office[/source]

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