Android Pay showing up on devices, still not functional in Canada


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  • Enrico Sacchetti

    Neat, I see it too.

  • Scott

    That’s just a great big tease and disappointment. Man I’d love to use Android Pay .. my phone is more than capable but it appears that the Big Banks aren’t quite ready to let go of the processing fee money they make or to share it with others.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Probably will be announced at I/O.

    • Scott

      Can’t imagine why? I/O is a developer conference, announcing that Canada and/or other countries no have access to Android Pay which has been around in the States for 2 years (?) doesn’t make sense. Unless they are completely overhauling Android Pay in some significant fashion.

    • Portaljacker

      It sort of fits. They have an API for apps to use Android Pay for payment. Having more users makes developers more likely to use that feature.

    • thereasoner

      Face recognition is supposed to be worked into Android Pay but that would require extra camera hardware at checkouts.

    • Stephen B Morris

      That’s true. Seems like forever doesn’t it? I’m just speculating but I read on AP somewhere that they are doing the main keynote and a developer one after. Couple that with their teardown of the apk referring to interac a few times and I think Scotiabank or CIBC has it working for one card as a sock test or something and it looks promising. Wouldn’t be the first time they mentioned availability for something in a keynote in passing. Especially if there are a couple of new APIs for developers to work with.

    • Arman

      No they simply don’t give a damn about Canada, not big enough market for them to care.

    • Daniel Szilagyi

      They do, it’s not about them (Google) you can thank Canada’s extremely tight red tape for all that stuff.
      it’s the reason why we have such few services available, Government protects the large telco’s because they cry and complain saying they couldn’t compete blah blah.

    • cookiedoh!

      “They do, it’s not about them (Google)”

      No, it’s definitely them (Google). Google just doesn’t play aggressive enough to bring their services over to Canada, like Apple. Apple Pay has been in Canada for over a year now, yet Android Pay has trouble crossing the border? Google just sucks at accessibility.

    • Scott

      The Apple Pay that’s present in Canada was pretty stripped down when it first came out.

  • John W

    Yeah it’s on my device too… but my bootloader is unlocked so it give me an error when trying to add a card

  • TouchMyBox

    Went to lululemon at the eaton’s centre yesterday and their CC terminals advertised support for android pay just like some pictures of terminals at subway that were making their rounds on the net a few months back.

    • Zomby2D

      As long as the terminal supports PayPass/payWave, it’s probably compatible with Android pay. But unless you’re an american tourist, you can’t use it anyway.

  • AJKahn

    I thought I wouldn’t have to *indefinitely* wait for Android Pay when I got the S8. But then I learned that Samsung Pay only supports CIBC cards, in Canada. Why are we so difficult?!?!?!?!

  • Omar

    Noticed it last night. Tried to put my TD debit and Visa cards on it, but it didn’t work. I’d use the TD app but I hate how they don’t support fingerprints. You can even use the app without a pin, which is a huge security risk too.

    • Adam Davidson

      TD also doesn’t support their own debit cards through the app. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • tofuuu630

    Why does Canada get shafted with all these technological features?

  • Brad Fortin

    “MobileSyrup reached out for comment, in which Google said “[We’re] excited to bring Android Pay to Canadians, however it’s currently not available in Canada”

    I bet they’re about as excited to bring Android Pay to Canada as they are to bring Google Voice to Canada. Any day now.

  • Jason Couto

    I’ve seen the Android Pay icon on the McDonald’s self serve kiosks. Hopeful we can get it soon too… I would love to slim down my wallet! Fingers crossed

  • Just tried to look for the Android Pay app on the Google Play Store and it’s not there. Looks like it’s been removed from the Play Store to prevent people from trying to download it to their phones. Either that or it was never available for download from the Play Store for Canadians. Guess I’ll stick to using Samsung Pay for now. Good thing I have a compatible CIBC credit card that allows me to use Samsung Pay on my S7.

    • Sammy80

      I too am using Samsung Pay, which is why I don’t really care if Android Pay every gets released in Canada. Samsung Pay is the most versatile mobile payment system around imo.

  • Steve Plourde

    I seen the icon of Android Pay in a McDonald’s too, and Visa canada give information about how to use Android Pay… It​ smell that something is coming!

  • Mayoo

    On my Nexus 5, I always had Pay. Recently I was seeing the gift card and reward card options and I was even able to search on them (for other country’s card). Now those options have disappeared. There is clearly something going on behind the scenes for Canada.

  • Ben

    Just announce/release this already… Man it’s been 6 years since Google Wallet hit the USA. Come. ON. I still try every week or so to see if one of my card will work (my one US BoA card works fine) … Still no luck today. Urgh.

  • FlamesFan89

    Not seeing it on my Pixel XL

    • Stephen B Morris

      Check your disabled apps list. I have it on my Nexus 6. Been there from the beginning just taunting me.

  • Igor Babichev

    Yep, I checked recently and also couldn’t add any of my Canadian CC’s into the app. US cards work fine though, so I’ve been using Andorid Pay with them for a few months now, including in Canada.

  • John W

    My Android Pay app updated last night. Can’t attempt to add any cards because it complains about my unlocked bootloader.

    • Eddie_Brock

      Magisk ftw.
      I’m unlocked and rooted and Scotia Mobile Wallet works, and I expect AP to as well.

    • Bryan

      All that means is Scotia Bank isn’t being cautious enough to do root detection…

    • Eddie_Brock

      Incorrect, it does check for root.
      What it does mean is Magisk is successfully hiding root and an unlocked bootloader.

    • Bryan

      So they’re failing to do root detection properly.

    • Eddie_Brock

      Maybe you need to admit you don’t know how Magisk works. It’s successfully hides its root from any apps you choose, it’s not a Scotia fault.

    • Bryan

      No, I understand. Mobile development in fintech is my day job. Root detection is typically a cat and mouse job. I’m saying scotia either failed to do something unique or is simply behind in that process. Someone choosing to implement root detection in an app like scotiabanks, using the typical methods that many apps do ( e.g.. Su root package detection, or using root beer library) make it easily susceptible to something like magisk that globally hides root. There are many ways to implement root detection and an app that deals with people’s money should probably do a better job.

    • John W

      I’ll have to look into that… or just relock the bootloader…

  • Many99

    Someone was able to add a td Canada Visa card according to android police story from today sat may 13

  • Benjamin Lehto

    So this working is dependant on your bank or on the credit card companies?

    Meaning, if (insert your bank name here) does not enable/support Google Pay, then you’re outta luck?

  • JD

    Too bad no one cares anymore

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