New battery that fully charges smartphones in just five minutes may arrive in 2018

storedot rapid charge battery

A new battery that can fully charge smartphones in only five minutes may be coming as early as 2018.

Doron Myersdorf, chief executive for Israeli startup StoreDot, told the BBC that his company’s rapid-charging FlashBattery is expected to begin production in early 2018.

StoreDot first demonstrated the tech back at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2015.

The battery contains materials that allow for “non-traditional” reactions, as well as the unusually fast transfer of ions from an anode to a cathode, which is the electrical process that charges a battery.

Ben Wood, a tech analyst at CCS Insight, told the BBC that while these fast-charging batteries could have a major impact on the smartphone industry, it may be too soon to introduce them. “Taking risks with battery technology can bite you,” he told the BBC. “I would say that experience has taught me to always remain sceptical. Let’s see if it happens would be my view.”

He didn’t mention any specific examples of this, but perhaps the most infamous case would be with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which suffered from overheating due to battery issues.

Source: The BBC

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