Moto G5 is now available in Canada


  • MoYeung

    At $200 would be a bestseller.

  • Bruno Walter

    I have my fingers crossed that the G5 Plus will come to Freedom Mobile. It appears to be good bang for buck and has Band 66 LTE. Perhaps that’s why Freedom isn’t on the list of carriers launching the regular G5 (which does not list Band 66 LTE.)

    • Michael Jon Abrams

      If it doesnt have band 66 freedom will not carry the device. They refuse to carrier a new device that doesnt support LTE with them.

    • Jacky Lim

      I got the Moto G5 Plus from the US to Canada from online. Working great on Freedom Mobile LTE.

    • Smanny

      The Moto G5 does have AWS.

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