Tag Heuer’s new smartwatch is modular and pricing starts at $1,650 USD


  • Do Do


  • David Brideau

    A two thousand dollar smartwatch? It had better make my morning coffee too! Holy mackerel!

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Thanks for a “modular” watch Tag but this just cannot be the last word on a modular watch. I hope Lenovo comes up with a modular concept for a smartwatch that is as simple as it is for their smartphone motor z.

    “The smartwatch’s buckle, bezel, straps, lugs and even the watch itself is modular, allowing users to swap the 1.39-inch AMOLED screen for a standard mechanical watch. The intention is that the customer won’t lose their investment in the device should the tech become outdated, or if they want to go for another style.”

    This sounds to me like Tag wants to sell me a $200+13% tax for buckle, bezel, straps and lugs, since that’s what i will be left with when after a year by which time it is guaranteed that the smartwatch itself will be badly outdated.

    • Raj Singh

      If you can’t part with $2,000 to have this on your wrist for a year or two, then it’s not meant for you. The original watch sold more units than they expected to so clearly there is a market for this.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    They want so badly to be Apple.

    • The real Chug that Haterade

      Why? Are they coming out with an ugly square watch with horrible battery life next?

    • Dankey

      “ugly square”? Oh! The Pirv, yeah?

    • The real Chug that Haterade

      Naaaw… the Priv was rectangular… but do keep flailing

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