Quebec passes law that requires automakers to sell a minimum number of electric cars

Quebec provincial legislators have automakers in a panic after passing a new law that will require them to sell a minimum number of electric, plug-in and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

As the Waterloo Record reports, the standard will apply to the 2018 model year and beyond, at which point 3.5 percent of all auto sales in the province will have to be derived from those kinds of vehicles.

That is, until 2025, when 15.5 percent of all auto sales in the province will have to meet that standard. Quebec is the only province to institute such a law.

The legislation was passed last October, though some regulators believe it should be delayed further. While sales of electric vehicles have grown, they still make up less than one percent of total auto sales in Quebec. Across Canada on the other hand, they make up just o.5 percent.

Companies that don’t meet the threshold will be forced to buy credits from other automakers that do, however it’s not clear what other penalties automakers who violate the law will face.

Image credit: Frank Hebbert 

[source]The Waterloo Record[/source]

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