Intuit launches QuickBooks app for iOS and Android to help Canadians freelancers track expenses

After conducting a study to identify trends in the Canadian labour market, Intuit has released the QuickBooks Self Employed mobile app for iOS and Android.

Intuit partnered with Emergent Research to conduct this study, which revealed that by 2020 over 45 percent of the Canadian workforce will be comprised of contractors and on-demand workers.

To help that growing segment better manage their expenses, Intuit is launching an app that allows contractors to track their expenses on the go. After completing a transaction, the user can swipe left to file it to personal or swipe right to file it to business.

In addition, the user can immediately attach a picture of a physical receipt for a purchase and automatically log mileage when driving in case the user needs to bill their employer for travel expenses by the mile.

QuickBooks Self Employed is available in Canada for $9.99 per month after initial releases in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia, according to the Financial Post.