Binge watching could increase your carbon footprint says report

It looks like someone finally found a downside to digital video streaming.

While services like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are serving up top-notch video content, streaming videos means storing data on millions of servers and transmitting your favourite episodes of The Walking Dead to your devices.

This, understandably, uses a significant amount of energy. While IT managers continue to get that electricity from fossil fuels, rather than renewable energy, the sector’s carbon footprint will likely grow.

This week, Greenpeace released its “Click Clean” report which scores digital companies on their environmental performance. According to the report, while Apple, Google and Facebook continue to lead the pack, streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon and HBO are beginning to fall behind.

Despite this however it seems as if the IT sector has managed to offset its increasing electricity needs by using energy-efficient data centres and making investments towards renewable energy.

On the flip side however, it seems that Apple is still the most environmentally friendly tech company in the world.

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