LG G6 will feature a 5.7-inch, nearly bezel-less display


  • Joseph

    Back to the bigger screen for LG I guess but the resolution should be interesting to see and possibly play with.

  • Theo

    Awesome, looking forward to it! I’m eligible for an upgrade this spring

  • p_lindsay

    Interesting. LG has been making really good phones lately.

  • Samuel Polakovic

    You probably have typo in resolution because 2560*1440 is 16:9 and is already used in LG G3, Galaxy s6, and others..

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Just MobileSyrup randomly grabbing numbers from their sources without doing any checking. Typical.

  • Matt

    I have been really enjoying LG phones. Really liked the LG G4, now I’m really enjoying the LG stylo 2 plus which is awesome device. Really like the 5.7 inch screen and amazing battery life. And like the stylus. I’m looking forward to try the LG G6.

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  • fred

    what a dumb idea. Apps will be optimized for 16:9, not 2:1

    • Joseph

      The good thing about this is movies as movies use 2.35:1 or a 21:9 aspect ratio which will be way better for watching experience as there will be less black bar on the screen compared to 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • fred

      yeah, but I am not watching movies on my phone often so I couldn’t care less.

      I bet the G7 next year is not going to have that ratio.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I find it a stretch to reach the top of the screen on my 5.2″ device. A taller 5.7″ screen will be a no-go for me.Reducing bezels is nice though, the G2 was an amazing phone for its time.

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