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Toronto-based productivity app JustGotThat! works with your busy schedule

Everyone has their own way to stay organized, but in the digital world, productivity apps have become a favourite.

While there are tons of options, Toronto’s tech community just produced one that works around your schedule. JustGotThat! recently launched two apps designed for consumers and businesses to help them connect in ways that fit into their schedules.

JustGotThat! and JustGotThat! For Business are free on iOS and Android, and require that both parties enter their names, phone numbers and — in the case of business users — company name and logo.

JustGotThat! For Business launched a few weeks before its counterpart as a way for businesses to interact with their customers in the mobile space, when it’s convenient for those customers to interact with them. Once a service-provider makes its product or service available on the app, consumers are able to discover it.

The app features several categories including ‘Inside Your Home,’ ‘Outside Your Home,’ ‘Your Car,’ ‘Your Pet’, ‘Your Health,’ ‘You’ and ‘Everything Else.’ The system is driven by customer ratings, meaning that users can view each other’s reviews of the service they’re considering purchasing.

“This is the next evolution in the on-demand service economy,” said founder Will O’Brien in a statement.

“Traditionally Apps in this space act as a demand aggregator or dispatcher but offer limited choice and minimal transparency to the consumer. JustGotThat! has taken this to a new level by not only allowing service providers to list their availability but also giving consumers a choice of who to select based on peer reviews, price and convenience.”

The JustGotThat! team is currently promoting the app in Toronto, specifically Eglinton Avenue to Lakeshore Boulevard and Leslieville to High Park. JustGotThat! will likely expand in the coming months.

Download the app on the App Store and on the Play Store.


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