UberEATS instant delivery is no longer available in Toronto


  • The Iceman Cometh

    I really don’t know of anyone that ever used this service. It seemed more like a PR stunt than a viable equivalent to “Meals On Wheels” In any event most of us use Uber for a ride, not a pizza delivery service.

    • GottaLoveCapitalism

      Used it almost weekly, was a great way to get access to restaurants that are too far to walk to from work during a 15-30 minute window. Where it fell down: the wait times kept increasing and were almost 15-20 minutes, not enough drivers were participating to deliver on the ‘instant’ promise.

  • Crossed

    I used uber to get a burger the other night. Was too high to drive.

    • Mikie

      describe to us.. how was that burger? lol

    • Crossed

      Probably the best thing, like, ever.

  • Mikie

    Seemed that UberEats catered to the more expensive places than skipthedishes is the cheaper route and obviously way more selection

  • mxmgodin

    Tried UberEATS (not instant) for the first time last week. It took close to an hour for the food to get delivered (from a restaurant a 5 mins drive from my place), and it was cold when I got it. Let’s say I’m not impressed, and it wasn’t worth the delivery fee Uber is charging. I’ll stick to restaurants that offer their own delivery for a while.

  • I never used instant UberEATS anyways. I’m happy they’re adding more restaurants!