iOS 10 is now available to download, features dedicated iMessage store and deeper Siri integration

Apple’s latest operating system iteration, iOS 10, is now available for download, bringing with it a dedicated iMessages app store and Siri integration for third-party apps.

The iMessages revamp is perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of iOS 10, and certainly one of the most reported on. In addition to a dedicated app store that includes sticker packs, games and third-party apps like Yelp, it also includes animations, an in-app camera feature and the ability to send doodles.

In the context of Apple ever so slightly opening of the gates of its walled garden, Siri-integration is also a large step forward. It means that voice commands can be used to control third-party apps like Uber directly.

Another significant change is the removal of ‘slide to unlock’ in favour of ‘press to unlock.’ Sliding to the right, however, does bring you to the new ‘Today View’ screen, which has been completely revitalized with widgets that can easily be shuffled and removed. Meanwhile, sliding to the left opens the camera.

Those are some of the most notable changes in iOS 10, but users who download the new version will find many other tweaks and changes to explore, including a moderate UI redesign.

The new OS version is available to all users with the iPhone 5 or higher, as well as the iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Air and later generations.

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