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Plex releases new media streaming app for Windows 10

Plex, the cross platform app that allows users to easily turn their computer into a multi-media streaming server, is a favourite of the staff at MobileSyrup.

Unfortunately for those of us here on Windows machines, the company hasn’t lavished as much care towards Microsoft’s new universal platform as it has to other platforms like iOS and Android. So for a while now Windows users, even those on Windows 10, have had to contend with a poorly maintained Windows 8 app.

That changes today with the release of the company’s new Windows 10 Universal app.


While Plex says it is putting the finishing touches on the mobile version of the app, Windows 10 users on PC or tablet can visit the Windows Store now to download the app to their device.

According to a post on the company’s forums, this version of  the app was built from the ground up to take advantage of Windows 10’s new Universal Apps platform. As such, the resulting product takes advantage of a number of Windows 10 specific features. Most importantly, it unifies the experience of using the app across smartphone, tablet and desktop.


It also adds support for Cortana. And when the mobile version finally does launch, it will include support for Windows 10’s Continuum feature, which will allow it to function like a full-sized desktop app when the mobile device it’s running off is connected to a monitor.

The app also features a new user interface design, which Plex says works and looks great across any device and screen size, and support for Plex Hubs and discovery.

Download it from the Windows Store.


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