Microsoft shells out $10,000 to user for forcing Windows 10 installation

It’s difficult to deny that while Microsoft’s Windows 10 update strategy is free, it’s still rather aggressive, constantly prompting Windows 8 users to upgrade to the company’s latest operating system.

In an interesting turn of events, according to the Seattle Times, Microsoft is paying out $10,000 to Teri Goldstein, a woman who runs a travel agency based in California, over Windows 10 automatically being installed on her work computer.

Goldstein says that Windows 10 automatically installed on her work computer without her permission. Following the installation of Windows 10, she claims her PC would no longer function, forcing her to seek compensation for lost wages from Microsoft. According to the Times’ story, she won her case, with Microsoft dropping its appeal last month and opting to just pay the levy.

Microsoft says it dropped its appeal in order to avoid further legal fees, though it’s unclear what the company will do if additional legal action is taken by other Windows 10 users eager for an easy few thousand dollars. It’s worth noting, however, that the auto-upgrade notification feature will reportedly be removed from Windows 10 next month, amusingly, through an update.

Of course, Goldstein also could have just turned automatic updates off to avoid this issue, but then she wouldn’t be $10,000 richer.

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