Google Play Store will soon help free up space by deleting apps you don’t use

Google Play Store

I have far too many Android apps on the smartphone I use as my daily driver, partially because I’m a digital hoarder, but also because I use a great number of apps on a daily basis. Though admittedly, I do have some apps installed on my Nexus 6P that I don’t use anymore (I just don’t remember even installing them).

Google’s Play Store, however, now has a solution for this issue by suggesting users delete specific apps they no longer use, freeing up additional space on their device.

Through a server-side update that’s poised to roll out over the next few days, Google is launching a feature that suggests specific apps to delete when you’re running low on storage. Basically, if you attempt to install a large app when your storage has been used up, a pop up appears that prompts you to delete apps you rarely use, with each application organized by size.

If you’re trying to install a massive download but are unsure what app to delete, this subtle shift to the Google Play Store is a useful solution, especially if you frequently install large games.

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