Password Manager Dashlane ups its iOS game with better Safari integration and improved navigation

Dashlane iOS

This past January, Dashlane, a multi-platform password manager app developed in New York City, launched a revamped look for its entire lineup of apps. Today, the company behind the app is back with a major update to its iOS app.

At first glance, longtime Dashlane iOS users may be hard pressed to point out differences between the new version of the app and the one they’ve been using for months, and that’s because the improvements added in today’s update don’t jump out like a redesign does. However, there are significant improvements to be found here.

To start, one of Dashlane’s marquee features, password changer, is now finally available on the iPad. This feature allows the user to change their password on more than 500 websites without leaving the app.

Across the board, however, the iOS app now possesses greatly streamlined navigation. A new “Contacts” view allows users to more quickly and seamless share a password, if the need ever arises. Likewise, a new “Recent” tab provides easy access to login credentials users access frequently. In addition to those upgrades, the app’s search feature is easier to access; the search bar is right there when the user launches the app.

Dashlane is now also better integrated with Safari, allowing for faster and better auto-fill and auto-login experiences. Similarly, the app takes better advantage of iOS’s accessibility features; users can now adjust the app’s fonts for easier viewing.

Download Dashlane from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Accompanying desktop clients are available on the company’s website. Dashlane is free to use on a single device, though syncing login credentials between multiple devices requires a subscription to Dashlane Premium, which costs $54.99 CAD per year.

In May, Dashlane said, via an article from TechCrunch, it had more than 5 million customers in over 150 countries, including Canada. The company also announced it had raised a $22.5 million Series C round.