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The latest version of Inbox makes it easier to manage event invites, newsletters and links


When Google first announced Inbox, it positioned its new mobile and web Gmail client as the future of email. Unfortunately, for most people Inbox never lived up to that billing, but with the company’s latest update to the Android version of the app, which adds three significant new features to the experience, Inbox feels closer than ever to earning that lofty title.

To start, Google has extended Inbox’s bundles paradigm with this latest update to include event invites. Now anytime a user gets an event invite via email, Inbox will generate a new view that collects all the pertinent information about that event — such as date, location and time — in one easy-to-find location. Should there any changes to the event, Inbox is smart enough to make the relevant changes to the overview. The idea here is to reduce the amount of time users have to spend digging for the one email that tells them the most up-to-date information on an event they have to attend.

The company has also added a similar feature for newsletters. The next time you get an email newsletter that includes links to several different articles, Inbox will display a new view that collects all those articles and displays a rich media preview of them.

Last but not least, this latest update adds a clipboard for links. This is designed for all the people who email countless links to themselves. Google has released a new Chrome extension that allows Gmail users to save links they find on their desktop directly to the app.

Download Inbox from the Google Play Store.


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