Inbox makes it easier to plan a getaway with new Trip Bundles sharing feature

smart reply inbox by gmail

With the holiday travel season set to go into full swing soon, Google has added several new travel-related enhancements to Inbox, its experimental Gmail client.

Specifically, Trip Bundles, the feature of Inbox that collects information such as flight times and rental car pickup details from a variety of emails and puts it in one easy-to-access place, can now be shared with other Gmail users. Additionally, it’s now possible to manually add an email to a Trip Bundle using the “Move to…” functionality.

New Trip Bundles Inbox

Inbox will also now allow users to view a Trip Bundle while not connected to a data connection. With in-flight WiFi being so expensive on most domestic flights and non-existent on flights that cross one of the world’s oceans, this is an addition that is sure to save a couple of headaches.

Lastly, Google has made it easier to attach multiple photos to an email at once.

Google Inbox

According to Victor Anchidin, software engineer at Google, these features will rollout to Inbox later this week.

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