Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay available March 15th across all Canadian provinces except Quebec


  • HiKsFiles

    Why not Québec?!

    I don’t really care about then “when”, I want to know about the “why” !

    • MobileGuy

      My guess is that they need to translate the app in french before being able to launch.

    • Eric M.

      Precisely the mobile app must be translated first, we were pegged for June launch for Quebec according to some sources.

    • HiKsFiles

      Makes sense!

    • Cyrus Wu

      they’re notorious with french translations, they had customer service using google translate not long back

    • mxmgodin

      The app needs to be adapted in general for Québec. For example, 8-ounces drinks are called “piccolo” in Québec, versus “short” in the rest of Canada, and 12-ounces drinks are called “mezzo”, versus “tall” in English Canada.

      So not even do they have to translate the whole menu in French, they also need to adapt the English one for Québec.

    • Charles Pauzé-Robert

      The funniest thing is that piccolo and mezzo are Italian and not french! XD

    • mxmgodin

      Yes, and in line with the rest of the Italian names on their menu (grande, venti, etc.).

      They probably didn’t go with “short” and “tall” in Québec to avoid English terms (’cause we know how the OQLF feels about English signage in Québec…).
      And also to avoid confusion with bilingual clients between “tall” and “grande” (being that “grand/grande” is French for “tall”).

    • Frédéric Gagnon

      oh, I understand now Why I always hate going to Starbuck since I’m in Québec.. 7 years ago I was a common user in Edmonton and it was easier to understand.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I was in Alberta (fort mcmurray and Calgary) and they use the italian names. Its a starbucks wanna be cool thing, has nothing to do with french.

      Which city do they do tall vs short??

  • Mo Dabbas

    Who cares about starbucks when there’s a Canadian coffee shop that makes better coffee??

    • Nadefrenzy

      Most people go for proper coffee ie lattes and cappuccinos. Timmies sucks at those in comparison.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Lol. I meant second cup actually. I find their specialty drinks better than Starbucks. I know for late (which is the only thing I get from either) has more espresso for the large size (2 shots at Starbucks vs 3 at second cup). So I find Starbucks late taste more like flavored milk while with second cup it taste like latte.

    • Nadefrenzy

      What’s the price for a comparable size? We had a second cup close by, but it closed down. Never tried their latte.

    • Mo Dabbas

      They’re about the same price. 5 dollars more or less.