Fitbit reveals new Blaze fitness-focused smartwatch featuring a colour screen


  • Scott Belbin

    wow this looks amazing!

    • The price point is certainly spot on. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the look though.

    • Walter

      I actually like the look. Square faces on smart watches seem to work best IMO. Plus Fitbit is making it more of a smartwatch without losing any of the fitness capabilities.

    • ShaBi

      “Square faces on smart watches seem to work best”
      Careful with that line around here, you might start a war.

    • Screw what it looks like what does it REALLY offer and do well?!

  • Rick Morayniss

    I wish I would have seen this before I bought my s2

  • hoo dat

    My Fitbit Charge quite literally fell to pieces after about 2 months of use. I’m was never hard on it, as a chronic insomniac I mostly used it to track my sleep. Fitbit responded quickly and sent me a new one with no questions asked. The second one didn’t last much longer and experienced the same demise. My wife has one too, about 8 months old and her battery only lasts a day and change since an update from a couple of months ago. The one I bought my mother about 11 months ago stopped working altogether about 3 months ago. Needless to say I have very little confidence in the Fitbit brand.