Entry-level Microsoft Lumia 550 now available in Canada for $189


  • silver_arrow

    Decent price for a decent offering. Would of prefered to see a 4xx class processor but Microsoft made their choice.

  • vn33

    Wonder how well Windows run on 1 Gb RAM, and on a 2xx processor. Have not run Windows phone since my Windows Mobile time, so really curious to see what the performance is.

    • Brad Fortin

      Windows Phone is really lean, with few graphical flourishes, so it can run well on a wide range of hardware.

    • Nicholas Burke

      It runs pretty well on my Lumia 1020 with it’s aging specs. Windows was designed to run specifically on low end hardware to give all users the same experience. Yes higher end phones are snappier but the general use is the same.

  • Brodie

    1.1GHz and a pixel density of 315ppi, according to tech specs from microsoft store site.

  • Wilhelm

    For the price no one can really complain. It’s dirt cheap and will appeal to those looking for a quality product that fits their budget. Only downside is the dearth of apps but maybe that will be rectified soon too.

  • St. Misery

    Been running Win10 on a lumia 435 with SD200 dual-core, not horrible at all. Probably wouldn’t use as my daily driver due to no camera flash or LTE, but I would imagine the 550 providing a great experience for many, especially for the $$. The app gap seems like it’s closing up fairly well, get Nest and BMO apps and I may consider going Win10 full time.

  • Got a 550 on Day one in the UK. It’s a refreshing & superb OS on smartphone that is surprisingly useable for such a hardware spec. Zips along basic & adequately & the cameras just fine in good light. Prefer the OS really to Android but even with some same apps they are not as mature. So refreshing to experience the exact same familar interface on the small screen that you get on the PC though. If UAs kicked off efficiency would win hands down, you can feel this is crying out to be baked just a little longer. One thing about these lumias, OK they are plastic, but yank off their backs & examine their build quality beyond the surface, internally, this compares with the 950, everything is screwed together nicely & is removable. Totally repairable down to every individual component. No other handsets can boast that today.

  • They should do this with a lot more products. Like the surface. Making a low end surface would help get their devices in a lot of hands, rather then relying on third parties to do so.

  • Entegy

    Whoopee. Can we get the 950 series back in stock now? It’s been unavailable in Canada for over a month now.

  • This would make a good backup