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iPhone 6s Live Photos can now be shared through Facebook’s iOS app

Facebook Live Photos

Apple’s Harry Potter-like animated Live Photos can now be shared on Facebook thanks to a new update to the social network’s iOS application.

In order to view Live Photos you’ll need a device running iOS 9, which includes iPad 2 and above, as well as the iPhone 4s and newer.

In typical Facebook fashion, the company isn’t rolling out this new feature to all users immediately, launching it instead with a small group before a larger global release at some point in early 2016.

If you’re part of the limited rollout, you’ll see a “Live” icon at the bottom right of a photo in the Timeline or Album view. Tapping on the word will initiate the animation, otherwise it remains static.

Facebook recently added 3D Touch support to its iOS app, allowing users to quickly take a photo or add status updates by holding down on the app’s icon with the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

Tumblr was the first company to add Live Photos support to its iOS app. It’s also been rumoured in the past that Facebook-owned Instagram has plans to add iOS support to its app, though the feature has yet to launch on that platform.


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