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360 degree videos come to Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook 360 video

Today Facebook announced its News Feed now supports 360 degree video.

Launching first on the company’s website and Android app, with an iOS release coming down the line, the feature will allow users to choose what angle a video is viewed from, ideally allowing users to become more immersed in the experience. On mobile, changing angles is accomplish by dragging a finger along your phone’s touchscreen or by tilting the device.

Several prominent publications and brands, including Discovery, GoProStar Wars and Vice, are helping Facebook launch the feature by releasing their own 360-degree videos.

For the time being, it doesn’t appear like the company plans to make it possible for users to watch 360 degree videos using a virtual reality headset or Google Cardboard setup.

Check out the videos by clicking on one of the links above. Note that you’ll need to use either Chrome or Firebox; Internet Explorer and Safari aren’t currently supported.

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