Growing pains: Why I joined, and left, Wind Mobile


  • Covcard

    Yes because only people who can’t afford the Big Three would chose Wind and not, say, people who think paying $100 a month for cell service is insane. I regularly use Google Now, Google Maps, and web surf on it without issue. Is it slower than the Big Three? Yes. Does that extra few seconds of loading time bother me? A little, but that extra $60 a month goes a long way to making up for it. Also knowing that I’m not giving Rogers my money anymore makes me feel warm inside.

    • Adam

      Well, I hope your stubbornness is worth it. If you don’t want to pay premium prices (they don’t have to be $100), you’re not getting a premium service. It’s sad, but reality. Wind is not a premium service. I’d very much love Wind to be a 4th national carrier and create real competition like they have in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and NW Ontario, but they need to significantly improve their offerings. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy. Big-3 and regional carriers have better spectrum that goes farther, faster and penetrates into buildings better. Wind can’t compete with AWS, they need to start leasing 850mhz from the big-3 – but that will drive up pricing.

    • Covcard

      Well first of who cares if it’s a premium service. Rogers was charming me $80 a month for the “privilege” of using 1gb of their premium network. To upgrade the data cap would have raised the price to $100. Now I could easily afford this price but saw no reason to do so. If people find Wind to be too slow for their needs that is fine. My issue was the incredibly condescending tone the article took towards anyone who was using it.

    • Adam

      Is he wrong? Wind is for two types of people: 1: people too cheap/poor to pay more for a better service, or 2: people who don’t really care, as their phones aren’t that important to them.

      People who rely on their devices daily, business users, power users, etc. will probably justify paying double to go with a better quality service.

    • Covcard

      I consider myself to be a power user and use my phone for business. It’s called wifi.

    • Adam

      You remind me of the type of person who wants to buy an iPhone but not get a data plan for it.

      Interpret that however you like.

    • Covcard

      Luckily Wind gives me 5gb of data. Open for interpretation I guess.

    • mauriceh

      Too bad the CRTC let a Cable company buy them out and Mobilicity as well.
      So, the competition is over, and all that has changed is that the cable monopolies have joined the rest of the telco monopolies.
      You know where this is going.
      Our prices will soon be back up there.

    • Eric Houstoun

      there’s really only one way to interpret a statement like that…

      you’re a dink.

    • Adam

      Good interpretation. I would interpret it the same way.

    • Eric Houstoun

      I wasn’t referring to the interpretation, the dink comment was about you, not your statement.

    • SycloneRob

      But the way you wrote that does make it seem like you interpreted it as ‘you’re a dink’

    • Eric Houstoun

      haha, yeah i realize that the phrasing was confusing.

    • Adam

      I understand. I’m not disagreeing.

    • Eric Houstoun

      hah, fair enough!

    • Me Ted

      We have. You’re an a$$hole because I say so.

    • Colin Ried

      I think you are cheap. Saying that you are a power user on wind is like saying you have gourmet tastes and eat kraft mac and cheese all the time. Wind is for cheap people that are fine with it being down much of the time. dead of winter, on the 401 in a snow storm the car just stops running.. would you want to have wind or rogers as your lifeline.

    • Covcard

      Eh maybe I am, but honestly wind meets my cellular needs so why would I spend more? Funnily enough I have used wind from the 401 in the winter. Honestly if people want to pay more that is their right and it doesn’t really bother me. My original point was just that the article came off very condescending to anyone still using Wind.

    • Brian Cobwebbs

      wind really is not making the grade. I know it and so do many many others. The endless complaints on winds facebook site make me ashamed to be their poster boy!

    • Covcard

      I feel the same way lol

    • MassDeduction

      As far as I’m concerned, slow data is one thing and is potentially acceptable to me. I have WiFi at home, at work, and I have it at thousands of places around town (thank you Shaw Cable).

      The bigger problem is congestion on Wind meaning calls (and potentially even SMSs?) not getting through.

      I was an early adopter of Fido, when I heard on the radio about the grand opening of the Fido Flagship store in Victoria in February 1998 I raced on down and signed up.

      I put up with spotty coverage (I didn’t have coverage in my home even yet). It worked most places I went to when not at home.

      Had calls not gone through on a regular basis, though, I would not have put up with spotty coverage.

      So if they can’t guarantee the service will work reliably, perhaps a bit of a condescending tone is to be expected. Wind is over-promising and under-delivering. They’re bringing it on themselves, I fear.

    • Covcard

      I actually agree 100% with what you said. Wind needs to sort their network out and improve both their coverage and reliability. The comment about condescension was aimed at the tone the article took towards people who use Wind. Wind themselves deserve some grief for their network performance.

    • NLer in Ottawa

      This is disappointing. We’re so accustomed to being gouged by the big 3 that anybody not wanting to play along is seen as “cheap”.

      If we turned against the big 3 en masse, Wind could improve more quickly. Instead, we’ve got people not only willing to overpay, but insulting those who aren’t.

    • Chris Thieblot

      That’s wrong though. Premium luxuries aren’t free or cheap.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Actions speak louder than words. When WIND gets off their a** and starts to build more infrastructure with the considerable amounts of new spectrum they bought, then we’ll see. Until then, i’ll wait.

    • carlosandresalbornoz

      i completely agree! I use wind not because I can’t afford it or because i’m cheap. It’s because I refuse to let the big 3 gouge anymore money from me. Would it be nice to have higher speeds, yes, not saying it wouldn’t but i’m fine with the lower speed that wind offers and I have faith that Wind is doing everything possible to try and satisfy those needs. And when they get there, I’ll be paying lower prices and y’all will be stuck on a 2 year contract…

    • mauriceh

      And likely a good few of those actually work for the telco oligopoly.

    • sggodsell

      Instead of going off on a tangent about the people. It still doesn’t change the fact that Winds service sucks wind.

      People make it look like there is a little delay here and there. That I can handle. What I can’t handle is dropped or no service. Sometimes there was a connection, but no traffic/data. That I can’t handle.

    • Covcard

      Like I said I can only speak to what I’ve experienced. If I had the same issues as you I probably would be bashing Wind and certainly would have switched back to one of the big three.

    • Do Do

      3. People who realize they’re being CHEATED BY COLUDING companies that are being protected by the government and choose to sacrifice quality rather than be openly cheated like some empty heads.

    • Alex Killby

      I use my phone for business quite heavily, with thousands of minutes, texts, and 10+gb of use per month. I never have a dropped call, lost text, and am fortunate to have an office with great WIND reception. I acknowledge the downsides associated with the laws of physics and the frequency licensed to WIND, but for me, the service works great, calls often in HD, and a fraction of the cost of any other carrier with the amount I use.

    • miyamoto


    • Nicholas Burke

      You sir are an @$$, i chose wind for 1 main reason. I live in a border city. Do you know what it costs to bring my phone to the states? Why pay $100 per month with Robelus to be charged extra just to use my phone there. I take my $50 wind plan to the states and use it as much as i like, no extra fees or BS. I use a premium device i have no issues with, Cortana works great. Sure the network isn’t perfect, but it’s only been running for 3 years here. It’s improved by leaps and bounds in that time and will only get better as time goes on. Try having an open mind. Paying Robelus what they ask does mean you have money, more money than brains as they will continue yo strong arm the Canadian public because people like you say “oh whatever” and pay it.

    • miyamoto


    • MrBung

      Not necessarily cheap, just more careful with their money. If people feel they are getting the appropriate value for their dollar with Wind, then so be it. People have different tolerances and needs. Just because a service is “premium” doesn’t always mean it is better or people are getting the same value.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Are you thick in the head? Did you even read the article? Do you really think the main issue is speed (or lack there of)?

      It’s reliability and consistency.Both of which WIND drops the ball on.

    • sammy11

      Premium Services? Lol don’t be so naive. Canada has ome of the highest prices for phobe service. We pay a premium price for regular service. The Big three has brain washed you it would seem.

    • empathyvirus

      Totally agreed. Sometimes I think we Canadians are way too nice. We gotta pressure the CRTC more for fair competition for the wireless comm industry here. Frankly even most of the so-called third world countries offer better deals with affordable prices.

    • Canucks Canucks

      Well some people can afford driving Mercedes and some can only afford driving Ford. For me, the extra $30 a month is totally worth it. Life is short and I have tried Wind. Never ever will I use Wind again with that coverage and speed.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Mustang V8 over your c250 any day.

      But on a more serious note, yes i agree with the latter half of your comment.

    • empathyvirus

      I am with ya. If only the reception was a little better. I live right across from their head office down at the harbourfront. Still, I am out of service most of the time in my apt.

    • Covcard

      Yeah I feel the same way sometimes. Luckily I seem to get solid reception at both work and home. Hopefully they get their network sorted out one day

    • sggodsell

      I had Wind for too long. You talk like its a few seconds longer. But there were too many times where it didn’t give me a thing. A few seconds I could live with, but being denied seemed like the norm. I suffered too long under Wind. Never again. Total crap.

    • Covcard

      Fair enough. I’ve never had that issue, thank god. Really it should come down to what works for each person.

    • PT

      If I can even make a call or received a text I would consider myself
      lucky. Never be able to watch anything from Youtube.

      Don’t even dare to tell me it’s slow sometime, that’s a flat lie.

      Yes. I was outside and in the middle of a big city in Canada.

    • Christopher Knapp

      I literally can’t stream Google Music from my desk, next to a window, in downtown Ottawa. That is ridiculous.

      I just switched to Wind yesterday and already I’m pulling my hair out with the slowness and inconsistency of the network.

  • TouchMyBox

    Yeah, I’ve found wind’s service to be increasingly completely useless in the past several months after being with them since launch day. I’m thinking I might switch to fido’s “iPad” plan for $35 a month for 5 GB and just using for voice.

    • irfan

      I agree. I have been sticking with WIND, since they launched, but recently I have been very frustrated with the poor signal strength. I have had similar experiences as the writer. I am at the verge of switching to big three, but am sad that WIND could not provide a higher quality service. I guess you get what you pay for…

    • MassDeduction

      They have a lot more spectrum coming online. If you can hold out 4-5 months, you’ll be in a much better position. But that can be a big “if” for some people.

    • irfan

      I have supported WIND for a long time, if your info is from reliable sources, I could probably give these guys till end of year to see if things get better. I hate going back to one of the big three, even though I can get a corporate plan. Thanks for the insight.

    • Martin Himmel

      if you can get a corp plan that why torture yourself? The thought of signal everywhere is enough to make me jump ship.

    • MassDeduction

      The reliable source is Wind, Rogers, and Industry Canada press releases so I think it’s definitely happening! 🙂

      Rogers has to relinquish the Mobilicity spectrum (outside Southern Ontario) by Dec. 29th. Wind should have it online not long after, as their existing equipment can be programmed to use this spectrum. They also have the option to purchase up to half of Mobilicity’s equipment, some of which is already well situated to deal with existing coverage/capacity issues, and the rest can be moved at Wind’s discretion. Rogers has agreed to sell these sites to Wind at something like 50 cents on the dollar, reportedly.
      This is the best thing that ever happened to Wind, in other words. 🙂

    • Martin Himmel

      actually that is not totally true. They can purchase some of the equipment but not the choice bits. They will be left what whatever Rogers gives them. Lets be realistic here wind can not even buy enough phones for the demand of the customers how will they come up with 25 million to buy equipment? Why has the new CEO not made a statement? i bet he has a rogers phone just like Tony did!

    • Benjamin Lehto

      Ok, but that extra spectrum requires towers to actually be effective does it not? And Mobilicity was only in 5-6 cities nationwide correct? So as an example, in the KW area where I use Wind, will this extra spectrum make any difference in the speed and call quality?

      If they still have to build towers to make the new spectrum useful, even if switching to LTE, it will still be shitty LTE won’t it? And I doubt whether Wind has the funds to really push the kind of tower expansion they need to do nationwide.

    • What I’ve read stated that included in the deal with Rogers is the options to purchase up to half of Mobilicity’s towers cheap, as Rogers doesn’t need them.

      Regarding funds, Wind’s new backers are not restrictive with the funding like the former; thus how Wind has been able to make recent deals. Wind also recently sold their AWS spectrum in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to SaskTel and MTS to give them funds to speed up the LTE release. A Wind employee on Reddit has said that management has told the employees that LTE will be out be year’s end.

    • Martin Himmel

      a wind employee? Brian Collinge? ahuh I am gonna listen to that crack pot ?!! Gregg I think you have been duped. Winds new backers have even less money than the old ones! Wait a moment the last owners did they not have over 200, 000,000 subscribers? I think what you wanted to say was the last owner saw the writing on the wall and did not want to invest any further.

    • Old owners did not invest, new owner are investing, I think you seem to be the one who’s not in reality here.

    • MassDeduction

      As long as they leave it all as HSPA (which I think they should), Wind can pretty much immediately use the Mobilicity spectrum to reduce congestion on their network. Anywhere the network is congested, speed and quality will be improved with the extra AWS-1 spectrum. But they need to wait until Rogers relinquishes it, which could happen as late as Dec. 29th.
      If Wind wishes to, they can purchase up to half of Mobilicity’s sites. They are very likely to do so. They’ll keep some and move others, and the sum total of this will be a huge service quality improvement.

    • Benjamin Lehto

      What I’m trying to understand is that the extra spectrum is still limited and it won’t make any difference in the network where there are no mobilicity towers?

    • Wouldn’t that depend on that frequencies ability to travel and penetrate structures?

    • will

      They can use the same towers and antennas. All they have to do is reprogram their equipment to operate within a wider range of frequency. simple as that, since it is contiguous frequency. They the frequencies weren’t paired, than yes, more antennas would be necessary.
      It will be the same case as Rogers put Shaw’s spectrum into use right away, it’s just a matter of software configuration on the antennas. Instead of operating 5+5 MHz they will operate in 10+10 MHz

    • MassDeduction

      Wind’s compounding the problem by continuing to offer promos that continue to degrade network quality for existing customers. Completely unacceptable, IMO.

      They should actively stop selling service in areas of severe congestion, or at least stop running promos. Heck, raise prices slightly to discourage people on (now-grandparented) plans to wait it out. Once they get the Mobilicity spectrum up and running, then they reevaluate congestion and drop prices, run promos, or what have you.

    • will

      I completely agree. I’ve been with WIND since December last year and I’ve seen the service get worse and worse. They really should stop adding customers until they can improve their network. Yes they are adding more customers, but congestion is making old customers unhappy, which is leading them to jump ship. Currently the network is almost unstable in peak hours in downtown, which is very frustrating.
      I agree. No more customers until better network, then roll out promos.

    • MassDeduction

      There may be some areas that can handle a few more customers. But there can’t be many by now, with 800K users in that piddly amount of spectrum!

  • St. Misery

    Watch how quickly Wind jacks up their prices, should the day ever come where their network is remotely comparable to that of the big 3. Those investments cost a lot of money, they’re going to have to pay for it somehow.

    • mastjaso

      Wow this is complete BS. You really think Bell and Rogers are charging so much so they can funnel that money into network upgrades? If that was actually the case we’d have symmetric gigabit service on all our phones.

    • Adam


      Wind has no infrastructure in remote areas. Bell/Telus/Rogers all build out networks in areas like Rural QC, Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC, etc. Bell even has service in some areas of Nunavut, NWT and Yukon. (yes, they get subsidies, but it’s still a high cost to offer service in these remote areas) Wind only has infrastructure in high-density areas. Higher return on investment. If they ever get to the point where they’re leasing infrastructure, or building their own nationwide network, you’ll see prices increase. Wind/Mobi’s pricing structure is barely sustainable, and they’ve picked the areas with the highest return on investment.

      There are very few countries in the developed world like Canada where we expect service in areas so sparsely populated.

    • Bortaas

      Rogers, Bell, and Telus got all sorts of subsidies in setting up their networks back in the day… none of which where given to Wind, Mobi, or Public. Even the spectrum licenses Robellus run on were given to them for free by Industry Canada, whereas Wind had to pay for every license just to set up shop.

      Then we could go into detail about their blatant anti-competitive behaviour, including signing domestic roaming details with each other and charging exorbitant rates to the new carriers…

    • Adam

      Absolutely they do. They got a great deal on spectrum years ago, the 850 and PCS were basically free. Spectrum isn’t the cost, it’s these things called towers, cites, leasing/purchasing land that costs a lot of money.
      As for your domesting roaming details, there’s regulations against it now, you’ll see carriers catching up with coverage (Rogers EXT for example) HOWEVER, that doesn’t change the fact that Wind will STILL have to pay someone to roam on their network or to lease space on existing cell sites. Do you think that’s free? Customers will be paying for it. Prices WILL go up if Wind ever wants to be a national carrier. Maybe not as high as the big-3, but something along the lines of what Sasktel, MTS or Tbaytel customers pay would be the minimum I would expect.

    • Bortaas

      I never said that domestic roaming should be free, just that the major carriers are deliberately overcharging new carriers vs established ones.

      Prices SHOULD go up to be more in line with SaskTel or MTS, so that Wind can be a regional competitor.

    • Covcard

      Exactly this.

    • Adam

      Finally someone with a reasonable view on it.

      If Wind charged $75 for 6GB data and nationwide calling like some of the regional providers do, perhaps they’d generate more revenue for infrastructure or better roaming agreements.

      I think a plan like that is more than fair. I agree the $100+ plans with 2GB of data with the big-3 sucks, but $35 with crappy service is no better.

    • Mawhayden

      Totally agree Adam, you are right on point the prices the Big 3 charges are ridiculous, but at the same time $35-$49 for service is great but disingenuous if its crappy network service in Toronto, I also was on WInd and had to switch back due to poor network service. Bottom line I don’t care who I am with, just as long as I have value for the service I pay for…either extreme is not good for the consumer. All I want is good service for what I am paying for and I am still looking. Until then I am will be paying $75 for Canada wide calling & 3G of data for my unlocked iPhone 6 that I originally purchased when I switched to WIND last year and now on Fido. Not giving up on Wind but not willing to settle for poor service to save an additional $35 a month.

    • SycloneRob

      What subsidies did They get other then no fees for licenses when cell service was in its infancy? Serious question. People bring this up but I can’t find anything when it comes to cell service other then what I just mentioned.

    • Adam

      Carriers receive government subsidies for rolling out service in northern areas (Bell, for example gets a good chunk of their costs covered by the government) I don’t know how much is covered, but without these subsidies, it’s probably not worth it to roll out the infrastructure in areas like Nunavut.

    • SycloneRob

      So we are asking a private company to do something that doesn’t make money… Well if this is the case then I understand. Then maybe the government should put a clause when buying spectrum to have coverage requirements. That will bring the final auction price down but that removes tax money needed to go out later on.

    • Colin Ried

      private company? you are serious right? wind used to be part of the 6th largest carrier on the planet and that did not help them 1 bit in getting better. I think you are forgetting that wind still have a huge debt to deal with. You think the investors that owned wind before would write off a billion dollar debt? Is that cherry flavored wind kool aid?

    • Colin Ried

      This is the old story the wind fools keep spouting. The big 3 got the spectrum free but spent billions and created countless jobs building out the network. I am told they had to build roads in some places to build towers, yes wind peeps real towers, not antennas on a 6 story apartment. Really that story is getting tired.

    • Bortaas

      Nice condescension there Colin, I can see that you’re really approaching this discussion in good faith.

      As for building out, the Big 3 didn’t build their networks out from major urban areas until they decided it was convenient for them. They didn’t just go around erecting towers right from the start.

      P.S. You do realize that all carriers in urban areas mount antenna sites on buildings rather than standalone towers, right? It’s an issue of efficient use of space.

    • McNucklefuts

      Boraat is completely right. In metro areas it is difficult to get new towers approved because residents find them unattractive.
      This is why mast sharing has been regulated, and that building on tall preexisting structures is common place.

    • Martin Himmel

      You missed the point completely. The ” free ” spectrum came at a cost. Talk to someone who worked on the project and I think you will soon see it is not as black and white as you think. They built out cities then moved outward. erecting real antennas to bridge the gaps. facts are facts. Wind has had 5 years and keeps making the same mistakes time and time again. Terrible customer service, still here. Lack of phones, still here, weak signal still here… how much longer do you think they can last with that attitude?

    • Bortaas

      They’ve been lasting pretty well for five years, getting new investors and continuing to build new cell sites. Of course it’s not going to be perfect, but when you have to build a network entirely from scratch without tower sharing (due to blatant anti competitive behaviour) that can slow down network expansion.

    • sammy11

      Stop being a sheeple. It’s OK to pay a higher price for a better services, especially when it’s really the only alternative. But please stop trying to justify getting robbed blind. It looks sad and pathetic.

  • Justin Brooks

    “The low prices are there for individuals who can’t afford otherwise” … Uhhhh… Horrible article I’m sorry. I use wind because I really don’t care to be ripped off. I’m aware of the setbacks just like every other wind customer however it doesn’t mean I can’t afford to switch.

    • mastjaso

      Thi s article was ridiculously condescending.

      And I mean come on, the author couldn’t get a webpage to load so he decided his next best course of action is to drive 20min to a store?

      Here’s a thought, try turning airplane mode on and off, takes 30s. Stop blaming Wind for massively inconveniencing yourself.

    • Mawhayden

      You are the one that is condescending, It’s just as condescending for Rogers to charge outrageous prices as it is for Wind to say “why are you having network issues everyone else is not having an issue it must be you..” You sound like a Wind service Rep I spoke to when I was on Wind….what your WIND employee number, I may know you?

    • Mark Richards

      I was on wind for 3 years and had constant problems getting data signals. It’s not a matter of turning airplane mode on and off. It’s a matter of there simply not being a data signal to be had. I’m happier with a 500 MB data plan from Fido than I ever was with 5gb from Wind. Too bad, because I like wind.

    • Keith Zubot-Gephart

      What device and location? I’ve had a few hiccups lately with my Nexus 6 in Edmonton, although I’ve mostly just blamed that on me flashing the Project Fi builds just for kicks, heh. And even then, when it does conk out, toggling data on and off has always fixed it (this is less than once a day). My former phone has been a Nokia N9 and I had essentially zero issues, it’s just unfortunately more of a featurephone at this point.

    • Mark Richards

      I’m in Toronto, and I had the same issues with the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 4. I switched to Fido and my Nexus 4 became so fast it was incredible. I’ll give Wind a second chance in a year or two, I guess.

    • Martin Himmel

      if they are around then I believe many will give them a go, then leave again. Not like they will change anytime soon.

    • Mawhayden

      Just because you think so doesn’t mean the everyone else feels the same way, more power to you but I DO NOT agree. To each his own…..

    • cbstryker

      Same here. I don’t care if I have to squalor in edge data but I will never give money to Bell, Telus, or Rogers and I am definitely a power user. I constantly use my phone for business. I can do remote desktop, ssh access, even music streaming with no problems. This article is slightly over exaggerated.

  • cwong5

    I had the same experience. I lasted about a year. You are right in changing back as well. I wish they were better NOW, not later.

  • Wild

    Nothing is worse than being in the hospital for weeks and having your service constantly disconnecting or NO service at all and you are forced to choose wind away and pay a exorbitantly high fee on top of your wind plan…while others using a better provider can reliably use their phone.

  • Tyler Hardeman

    our big 3 networks actually aren’t as overpriced as you would think either, compared to the US at least.

    that same plan you just moved to, is $55 on AT&T in the US. on Verizon you pay $65/month but that’s for 3GB of data.

    So in essence you’re paying $10/month more than you would be in the US for comparable plans on comparable carriers. Now, that $10 does add up over time, but it’s not like our plans are 50% higher than the US as a lot of people make them out to be.

    Now, I wish the price was better. Everyone does. but that doesn’t change that in a lot of cases our prices aren’t orders of magnitude more than the closest comparable.

    • Jesse

      55 or 65 bucks for the same plan? That’s actually pretty damn good compared to what we have

    • Tyler Hardeman

      …no. he said right in the article that he’s paying $65 for a plan with 2GB of data now. I’m saying that US prices are largely in the same ball park.

    • Ragnar Dragonfyre

      Multiply all plan costs by 1.32561 to account for conversion.

      It’s not as good as it seems after you convert.

    • gmd

      “compared to the US at least”. How about Europe? Asia?

      Speaking of US plans, they’ll soon have roaming plans (to Canada) cheaper than some prepaid plans here.

  • msb77

    Is it the role of mobile syrup to give a bad reputation to Wind Mobile?…

    • Tyler Hardeman

      Wind has kind of taken care of that all by themselves.

    • msb77

      Not really a good excuse…then MS should do the same for all the bad companies, instead of serving us maple syrup, they’re serving us bs.

    • Adam

      They continually point out flaws of all carriers. Big-3 issue is price/Customer Service sometimes, Wind’s issue is reliability. That’s how it’s always been.

    • Hello Moto

      But Wind has the worst customer service out of every carrier….don’t forget that as well..

    • Adam

      I never said it was good, Simply saying common complaints are that the big-3 “Gouge” customers by charging money for their services.

    • msb77

      Continually? Not so sure about that…but Apple are safe, that’s for sure.

    • Adam

      There definitely is bias, but I remember two years ago when more than half the posters here thought that Wind was the best thing since sliced bread, and the Big 3 just stood for evil.

      These are BUSINESSES with the goal of making money. If you don’t like it, that’s fair, go with a lesser provider, but understand that you are getting an inferior service.

    • Mawhayden

      Another wind employee

    • msb77

      Not at all, just trying to be fair instead of spreading some propaganda like this site is doing more and more.

    • Tyler Hardeman

      I’m sorry. I didn’t realize they weren’t allowed to write opinion pieces.

    • msb77

      Ever read a negative opinion against Apple? There is the reason.

    • dirtykimchi

      This Site needs to add Editorial to the Title of any article such as this one. It also should NOT be in the NEWS section of the site, when there is an Editorials section within Features.

      This site is seriously going downhill lately. It is poorly managed. The lack of proofread articles and often incoherent tripe that is posted, just takes it further down the ‘hill’.

      Ever since Jane left, it has been further down the list of sites many of us frequent for the actual content. Her replacements have not lived up to the quality of content she brought to MobileSyrup.

    • msb77

      Oh yeah true, I was forgetting about her but Jane was pretty good!…

    • Jesse

      Lol it’s not bad rep, it’s just a fact.

  • Wind is great but compared to the networks of say Bell or Telus, it’s day and night. I have been with Bell for years and can’t even consider the Rogers network due to the many dead zones in the areas I frequent. Wind would drive me mad. I tested my cousins phone and aside from not worry about data, it had nothing for me. You never know how much you rely on other traditional services until you can’t use them

  • Michal Krzyszczyk

    I’m in the same boat, I was lured in by the notion of unlimited data but now am nothing but frustrated. I pay for the $65 a month plan as I am in the US quite frequently and love the idea of being able to roam without cost however my phone rarely works when connected to a roaming network (i have roaming and data roaming enabled). I can either make calls or use data, never both. Most of the time I can do neither.

    Same goes with connecting to one of winds “away” networks. either i can call or use data, never both. As soon as I am able to pay off the wind tab I will be switching to another provider.

  • krazyking

    Very well written article.

    • Theo

      I agree. An enjoyable exposition

  • Bill

    I live out in the country where we have no other choice than to use wind as our main source for internet. Currently I am getting 20GB of data a month for $60. Even though Wind is slower, I have no choice but to stay with them.

    • specialk2000

      You can now get 20gb of data on a data only plan for $45. $35 internet plan + $10 double you data add-on

    • Bill

      Ya but that does not include calling or text.

    • Matt

      these days you don’t need calling or text. only need data only plans these days. As apps like textnow, fongo you can call and text for free. free texting on textplus as well, and they give you a free number to what ever city your from. calling and texting plans are of the past.

    • McNucklefuts

      Sorry I am a little confused. How are you getting signal from WIND if you are outside of a metro area where regular copper internet can not reach you?

    • Bill

      Winds coverage extends far outside the city limits, whereas where I currently live there is no copper lines.

    • Fred

      Where do you live Bill.. jeez

  • Sean McConnell

    I’m so sorry to hear about these first world problems. I too have suffered the notorious “LEGO Set Dilemma” where I decided it was better to spend double on my phone service vs. spending $5 more on LEGO but stuck with Wind.
    Bottom line, this article is a sad excuse to support paying outrageous fees. My wife and I have been with Wind since 2009. The $30x2x72=$4320 had been better spent elsewhere, but then again, a fool and his money…

    • Elton Bello

      Couldnt have said it better….

    • Martin Himmel

      wind fool… yes pretty good description. Why anyone would stay with a service that treats you so badly I am amazed. There is a reason the big 3 have not moved against wind, wind is killing themselves quite efficiently. I think it funny when someone says I have saved this much money using wind, having the dropped called, dismal data speeds and spotty coverage. yes dear the house did burn down but look at the bright side we saved 4300 bucks!

  • Paul Picasso

    Well my wife uses Wind for her phone and it’s very troublesome, sometimes it gets no signal and can’t make calls out and/or can’t get any data, especially in the East Vancouver area. Then there are times her phone can’t make calls out but accept calls. But when she uses it in the USA, she gets perfect signal most of the time and the data speed is much better, the phone works much better on T-Mobile’s network than it does on Wind. Since she’s in the the USA quite often she keeps Wind for their US unlimited roaming plan.

  • irfan

    I agree. I have been sticking with WIND, since they launched, but recently I have been very frustrated with the poor signal strength in the Ottawa area. I have had similar experiences as the writer, and data/call stop working when you feel like you need them the most. I am at the verge of switching to big three, but am sad that WIND could not provide a higher quality service. I guess you get what you pay for…

  • Eric Houstoun

    I found pretty much every example listed there unrelatable as a wind user. I use mine in downtown Toronto primarily but I’ve also used it in Hamilton, Windsor, and around the GTA and I’ve rarely if ever noticed data speeds being too slow to load a web page. At worst I’ve found that video and audio can be slow to load but even then I am often able to do those with little to no slowdown. Average speed tests I get are around 1.5-2.5 mbps which seems to work fine for most streaming and web content purposes.

    Sucks for this guy, but it sucks even more that this anecdotal story is being reported when it isn’t a very accurate reflection of the service as a whole.

    • McNucklefuts

      It is his experience. I think it is important for consumers to see both sides! Toronto has DC-HSPA+ with WIND because of their more significant spectrum holdings. Western Canada for example runs entire provinces off of 10mhz of AWS spectrum… Edmonton feels like GPRS speeds at best.

    • Eric Houstoun

      that’s a fair point. I guess my concern with an article like this is that taken without context it could seem as though that is the experience any given wind user would have. Which is not really the case.

      But you’re right, it’s important to see both sides. I know that when I worked for Bell Mobility I used to see customers in rural areas that would have downright unusable data in their areas and it was a constant unresolved issue, so the experience from one to the next can vary greatly.

      I didn’t know western canada had such a different experience on their network, that is a drag.

    • McNucklefuts

      Yeah it is brutal out here with them! It was okay before they started advertising (~3 years ago), but now with as many people who are on the network as there are, it is nearly unusable. My calls would often not connect, or they would drop mid call (funny when you’re talking to a WIND rep and that happens…). Texts wouldn’t send or come in at some points. And data was only usable if you were on wifi.
      But I completely agree with you. The big three have done a great job at making the average consumer think WIND is TERRIBLE. They really aren’t THAT bad, and for the average consumer are probably more then good enough. I spent a lot of time talking friends and relatives into it because Rogers reps had told them their phone literally wouldn’t work.
      So I completely agree, we need a few WIND die hards who can talk it up for sure 🙂 specially if they have had a good experience.
      I would love to see an article written about switching and choosing to STAY with WIND 🙂

    • Martin Himmel

      then write one. fairy tales are welcomed.

    • Keith Zubot-Gephart

      Whereabouts are you in Edmonton? I’m generally in the Strathcona area and speeds have been pretty fine for me, I don’t run speed tests reflexively or anything but I usually can download a 50MB podcast in less than 30 seconds, which is the most noticeably waiting-for-data activity I can think of that I do on a daily basis. At my work our WiFi went out for a day recently and I didn’t actually notice until someone else (who had disabled data because their family plan had 100MB of data or something crazy low like that) pointed it out.

    • McNucklefuts

      Your perspective as a staff member is fascinating! You don’t often think about how staff may have distain for their company because they cannot offer customers the same level of service! Very cool.
      I live on the south end right by Snow Valley, though I never really had troubles there. It was in the 118th & St. Albert trail area where I work that was unusable. It was actually kind of fascinating to think of the demographics of the area and to wonder if because of maybe a lower socioeconomic status of the residents in those neighbourhoods maybe more of them where with WIND and therefore the congestion was far more noticeable. Would be very interested to see the numbers on something like that!
      The other really bad place was the University of Alberta campus, which also makes sense as students try to save money they may very easily consider WIND an option. I was very frequently unable to get passable service in that area. Though the in-building coverage was far better then expected considering how old some of those structures are.

    • will

      Same in Calgary

    • Tom

      I work in downtown Toronto (around king station), I barely got signal in my building, internet would barely load. I basically gave up on using my phones during lunch time. I’m happy paying the extra $20 a month.

    • Eric Houstoun

      yes, different users of a network do in fact have different experiences with service. That is true.

  • serpico

    Two years ago , when I was with Wind and I wanted to upgrade my phone to Note 3 and pay the full price , they refused to sell me the phone because I was an existing customer and not a new one . I left Wind and most probably I will not go back soon .

    Also , in Calgary , they used to have a very spotty coverage . Lots of dropped / missed calls .

  • McNucklefuts

    I made the same decision for the same reasons.
    I was with WIND for three years and was about to move out of Edmonton’s coverage zone. At the time their service was actually rather good; certainly no where near as atrociously slow as it is today. I switched away for some time and really enjoyed the network experience, but once I returned to Edmonton it was hard to pass up the back to school offer WIND was running.
    I switched back. I had always known the WIND handicaps but it had increased ten fold. Calls wouldn’t complete, messages wouldn’t send, data was relegated to wifi only. It was horrendous.
    I realized that as a mobile power user, as much of this reader base is, I needed something that served my purpose more. I actually took a note that Dan had made on a past SyrupCast and that was simply that we use these devices day in and day out – if I were a car fanatic I would pay for the best car and service it at the best shops. I am instead a phone guy and need a better experience.
    I switched back and have committed to trying WIND again once LTE releases but for now there are few options that meet my needs.

  • Stuntman06

    I’m with Bell and I do occasionally experienced dead zones and areas of weak signal. One is at my doctors office. One is a few blocks away from my house. One is in a particular spot in the mall.

    I would like to give Wind a try. I have a spare, unlocked phone, but Wind uses a frequency that none of my unlocked phones support. I’m not going to buy an entirely new phone to try out wind.

    I’m planning to get a new phone within the next year. Anyone know of any phone model that would work both on Bell and Wind? I plan to buy my next phone outright and unlocked. I would like to be able to try out Wind with a new SIM card, but with the flexibility to pop my old Bell one back in just in case I am not satisfied with Wind.

    • Adam

      Try a Nexus. They support AWS as well as the 850/1900 bands big-3 use, plus all the LTE bands. Or an iPHone. They have all bands as well. Most newer devices support all bands now.

    • McNucklefuts

      Most phones actually support pentaband HSPA+ now, so there is a good chance that most HIGH END phones will have support. It will be the midrange devices that may give you grief.
      But off the top of my head Nexus devices have always had pentaband support. The iPhone has had it since the iPhone 5 (mid cycle). All the most recent, and soon to be released, Motorola devices (Moto X, Moto G, etc.). The Samsung devices since the S4 have also been pentaband I believe.
      It is just cheaper for the OEM to make one device that they can sell to all providers then to make several different variants.
      But if you’re ever in doubt you can always check sources like gsmarena for specs, and search under the HSPA category for AWS or 1700 support.
      WIND also now has an IMEI look up tool on their website under the BYOD category.

    • Stuntman06

      My current phone is the Galaxy S3. I have been told that this phone as well as my HTC Desire Z do not support Wind.

      I expect to get a new phone within the next year. I am hoping the Ara phone will become available as that is the one I am holding out for.

      I am window shopping right now as I am getting prepare in the unlikely event that my phone may fail on me and I would need a replacement. At the moment, I find the Note 5 an intriguing option. The physical keyboard add-on interests me at the moment. I have yet to actually try it out as the stores here do not have one available for demo yet.

    • Matt

      note 5 is not a good choice. No micro sd slot for external memory. wait for the note 6 which will have sd card slot

    • Stuntman06

      I ended up getting a Nexus 6P. I have never needed to use an SD card before, so the lack of one is no concern to me.

    • Matt

      Look at it this way. Say you take a bunch of special pictures or videos of a special occasion and then on your way home your phone breaks with a phone without a micro SD card. Wammo all your pictures are gone forever. Or how bout all your saved music etc wammo all gone.
      Same scenario with a phone with a SD card. Phone breaks. Who cares. Take out SD card and you still got all your pictures. Videos and music all safe. Then able to put SD card into new phone and your all set to go. Having no SD card could be problematic if your phone breaks on you and all info is gone. And can’t allows rely on cloud storage either if say your phone didn’t have time to connect to a Wi-Fi connection to sync all the data before the phone broke etc.

    • Stuntman06

      I have my music on my PC as well. As for pictures, I can generally afford to lose them as with such a special occasion, I won’t be the only one taking pictures. So far, I haven’t needed the extra removable storage on a phone. If my phone breaks, I’d be more upset at losing a working phone than what data that may not be recoverable on it right now.

    • Matt

      off the top of my head not all nexus devices weren’t pentaband. There was 2 different versions of the Nexus s, 2 different versions of the galaxy nexus. 1 would work only for big 3. but the aws version worked on both networks.

    • Matt

      and also 2 different models of the Lg G3. one would only work on big 3, and aws version worked on all networks. But if you knew someone that could convert the big 3 version would work on wind

  • Matt

    I’m truly wondering how much money $$$$ Big Three paid for this post to make Wind Mobile loo bad. I have used Wind Mobile Since they launched here in Canada and I haven’t had any issues at all. But I also carry a second device with Fido as my business device as I go outside the city zone a lot. But I use Wind Mobile on my personal device and it works just the same.

    • McNucklefuts

      Questioning the journalistic integrity isn’t exactly constructive.
      I understand your frustration, as I was a happy WIND customer for a long time. But I know that the GTA experience is vastly different then the western experience. You have nearly triple the currently used spectrum that Alberta and BC has.
      It is so geographically linked! It’s why Rogers is so popular out east, but in the west everyone wonders why they are as big as they are because out here their coverage is so terrible.

  • HeyYoWL

    Wow really? Look, if you don’t like the legit concessions you have to make for sticking with Wind, that’s fair. But to blame them and not your own idiocy for the Indigo situation is ridiculous, as is your generalization that people who choose Wind can’t afford better.

    There are those of us who are okay with slower speeds and are able to get great signal 95% of the time and have no interest in paying double to triple the monthly fees you know.

    As for your Indigo situation, aren’t they merged with Chapters now? Don’t they have a Starbucks with wifi at every location except in malls? Point is you could have used wifi, you could have called, hell you could have stepped outside the store where I’m sure you would have had signal and used data there. All of that would’ve taken a few minutes tops. Just because you had anger/annoyance blind you and made you drive 20 minutes you blame Wind? Lol..

  • Omis

    Ive been a wind backer but over the past couple of weeks its no longer usable in my home. Voice cuts in and out, calls are not going through. I’m going to take the hit and go back to telus.

  • Elton Bello

    65$ for 2gb? Is this guy high or smth? 2gb cost 30$ + 40=70$ ×1.13% tax, it is not for sure 65$!
    Learn your math cheater! Unless you got some corporate plan, it is not 65$!

    • Tim M

      Fido offers 2GB for $65.

    • Elton Bello

      Thats not the Big Three! Thought he meant the big three! My bad!

    • Tim M

      actually, they are part of the big three. Koodo is owned by Telus and Fido is owned by Rogers Communications

    • Elton Bello

      I know that! Thought he meant rogers and bell!

    • McNucklefuts


  • Dannya Messa

    my personal experience with Wind is simple, I used it even when on weekends I travel from Etobicoke to Burlington to downtown Toronto, on the GO TRAIN, using maps,facebook,cut15,weather network,phone calls,texting,whatsup,etc connecting a lot even watching a live Jays game, or streaming a lot…maybe is the phone I use , OnePlus1, during the weekdays people around me are hooked to their smartphone on my bus trips to work, I read the paper meanwhile but if something gets my attention I will use mine (smartphone) when need it, I learned to use my smartphone in areas prone to connect and at work but I use it less than 2 hours a day (unless I am listening to radio or music), my lifestyle is different and not everyone is the same but when you have friends and coworkers whining about their service (price wise) and see that you have an “ok” one , they cry its the contract that ties them down with the big 3 while I can afford my lunch and coffee .

  • Andrew English

    I agree WIND has it’s faults, but so do the big three. The problem with the big three is the hassle they put you through with their high rates and their “we don’t care if you don’t like it” attitude. That I remain with WIND Mobile. I have fewer headaches from them as I already know what to expect when paying less for my smartphone service. The bottom line should be if you pay more money you should get FAR BETTER customer service but you don’t, you instead just get the same level of customer service.

  • empathyvirus

    Yeah. My thoughts exactly too. I cut my Bell grandfather plan with 6 GB data a month to switch to Wind on the day the wireless code of conduct came into effect only to suffer extremely poor reception and super slow data connection. I really wanted to love wind and support the underdog for reasons we all agree on here – fair service with fair price. But I could not go on with them. The basics aren’t even there. They really need help in becoming a true competitor to the big three. Their customer service tried the best though and in the end also waived my phone unlocking fee. I am totally with many of us here that one day Wind’s reception and speed become up to par I will go back to them in a heartbeat. Until that happens, I am just gonna do month to month with whomever offers the best deal. By the way, do look at cityfone, zoomer, RBC talk and save…all these smaller resellers. I now have a deal with RBC talk and save for 2GB + unlimited nationwide talk for $45 a month.

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      Where did you get that deal with RBC? That is great deal!

    • empathyvirus

      They had this deal a week ago for a few days but it was strangely only featured on redflagdeals. Never advertised. I called and got it. But when my friend called a few hours later it was gone. So maybe keep an eye out on redflagdeals. I am sure someone else will offer deals some other time. Good luck!

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      Thank you. I am with WIND and I am not willing to pay more than $45 for 2GB of data… I have 3 accounts with WIND.

  • TartarTeeth

    Wind is crap, but I also refuse to give the others what they are asking. Add in home internet costs and it gets ridiculously expensive for someone on a fixed income.

  • mamad2020

    I don’t know about wind, but I’ve been with mobi for 2 years and I couldn’t be happier. No dropped calls (unlike when I was with fido I had them daily). Coverage is good in Vancouver. There is only one blind spot in a hwy which I could care less about as it will roam on away mode. Data speeds aren’t bad either, I’ve watched youtube videos on it without lag. And I pay 35 a month for unlimited everything. When I was with fido and virgin I used to pay double with very little data and plenty of dropped calls in the middle of the city. My friend is with fido right now and he has dropped calls every day and sometimes her phone doesn’t even ring. So much for a premium service…

  • Andy S

    CALLING OUT Daniel Bader … We need a solid discussion between you and Alek Krstajic on the state on Wind. Try to make it happen!!!! They have all this new spectrum and have done absolutely zilch! In the last several months you can’t even make a phone call!!!

    Who’s with me???????

    • McNucklefuts

      I would love to have a SyrupCasts episode 100% devoted to the carriers.
      Could talk about the state of WIND. What is going to happen. Could also have a discussion about the different benefits each carrier has and why pick a big name and not a flanker for example.
      I mean I have been trying to find the answer as to why Rogers is the largest telecom in the country but is widely considered inferior to Telus and Bell. If they’re so big then they must be good in some places, or someone must think so – what is up with those numbers?!

  • Mark Richards

    This is exactly me experience. I decided to pay more for less data because the data actually works.

  • Ed M.

    The article is sheer nonsense. I have been with Wind for over 3 years and would never, ever go back to the big 3. I use all the features on my phone extensively: data, texting, US long distance and local calling. I am generally happy. Hey, after being with Bell over 10 yrs. I did not notice an appreciable difference in quality in going to Wind.

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      Don’t you mind I ask you where do you live? Because in Toronto, the service is getting worst.

    • Ed M.

      I work in downtown Toronto and usually call people as I walk to Union Station. The dropped calls were not that different from what I experienced with Bell.

    • McNucklefuts

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Though you are lucky in that Toronto has DC-HSPA+ active, where somewhere like Edmonton a subscriber is lucky to pull 1mbps and for calls to connect.

    • Omis

      When it works, it works decent. But for the past couple of weeks I cant even have a phone conversation. The voice cuts out every few seconds.

  • Engineer Dude

    I got Bell service for 15 dollar a moths (student promo) in 2010. I only made a few calls to my family (local) and did not use any data and my first bill was $100. When asking , Bell rep said that I made international calls and used data. Later on, they corrected their mistake and charged me the normal monthly rate. The following month, this BS happened again and I had to talk with the rep. Thought that this would be over, but for the third month, the bill went to $90 ($10 less so improvement?). At that point, I just swear to NEVER EVER deal with this BS and NEVER recommend any of my friends or acquaintances to use Bell or their affiliate.

  • Tom McDowell

    How is wind with an android phone? Say Samsung galaxy? Or is it just iphones that are really slow on wind network? I feel thag its just too many users on too small of a network. My iphone works amazing 11pm to 7am when no one is on the network, but doesn’t work or barely works 7am to 11pm duting the day. Too many users on wind network. But if I were to get a samsung phone do you think the same issue will be there?

    • Omis

      Its not the phone. Its wind.

    • I haven’t had any issues and I’ve been using only Android phones since I switched in 2010 then switched to one of WIND’s data plans in 2012 using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and now I’m using my Nexus 6 on that same plan it was their Back to School $29 plan, with unlimited local calling, unlimited canada-wide texts and unlimited data (up to 5GB at full speed).

  • Tom McDowell

    Have a look at koodo website and just check out there plans according to province at the top. There’s no competion in ontario and thats why we get screwed

  • Jonsey

    Been with Wind for 2 years, I have nothing to complain about. Certainly have no desire to switch to one of the Big 3 or their pseudo-discount subsidiaries and end up paying double (or more) of similar service, only with faster data (but with significiantly smaller allowances).

  • Jackie DeSousa

    you can get a pretty decent plan from fido, every now and then…unlimited calls, text, international text, id, vm, and 2gb of data for 50 to 56 dollars, I called their customer service and got one for me and another for my husband at 56 dollars and 50 for the second line

    Wind is great value, but not reliable, yet.

  • Doc Jeremic

    I don’t thnk this is WINDS faults the big 3 have squeezed them out so they can’t compete on level playing field

  • Keith Zubot-Gephart

    Anecdotes cut many ways. At the Edmonton Folk Fest the other weekend, with the crowded hills in the river valley, I remember sitting around with some friends. I’m on Wind, and it was a bit up and down, but I still pretty quickly got messages on Hangouts. A friend on Bell had zero issues, everything seemed quite quick. A friend on Rogers had basically no connection whatsoever and wasn’t getting any of the group Hangouts messages (not to mention texts arriving hours and hours late).

    Judging from that anecdote, I’d conclude that Wind is a decent but finicky option, Bell is the expensive but better option, and Rogers is complete crap. And hey, I even kindof believe that, since it fits my own preexisting biases. But it’s anecdote; the reality is, every carrier is terrible in various ways, and if you’re expecting a certain reality you’re more likely to see and thus (not necessarily accurately) conclude that reality matches your predictions.

    (P.S. In my example, I do believe Telus and Bell had put up temporary towers, which is in part why they had the advantage. Random things like this affect the reality on the ground.)

    • McNucklefuts

      You bring up the point that I continue to wonder which is why Rogers is the countries largest telecom. They have the most subscribers but they are universally disliked and widely considered to have an inferior network when compared to Bell or Telus. I wish I knew why they were the largest… maybe they are better out east?

      The one thing the larger carriers can do when it comes to congested temporary locations like EFMF is put up COWS (Cell on Wheels – official name believe it or not). These are essentially truck/van looking things that have towers that stand up out of them. Helps with congestion in these locations that usually don’t have thousands of people. WIND doesn’t have the resources for things like that :/

  • mjolnirxz

    Poor analogy to compare a concert to a phone bill; one off payment vs reoccurring. Also this article is absolutely pointless, it’s known the robelus has the faster but more limited caps and expensive. It’s known wind to be more slow but cheaper with larger caps. It is always the hope that any given network improves whether it be on price or speed. Just because it doesn’t match your personal needs does not make wind an inferior choice so get off your high horse.

  • Eli_Vance

    would this site post a story about someone switching away from one of the big three due to some problems like over-charging, bad service etc?

  • danny wood

    Pretty much agree with most of the article. Been with Wind for 18 months and im constantly frustrated with the both the data speed and consistancy and call quality. Paying the crazy prices for the big three just isnt an option for me so im pretty much forced to stay with Wind. If you can believe it…Mobilicity was even worse than Wind!

  • Walter

    Seeing these comments, I am thanking God for my corporate Rogers plan.

  • beast

    the bigger picture here? No phone service in Canada comes close to most of the other places in the world. Winds pricing is the closest in terms of what you get as features, but because Wind is still relatively new and building their own towers, they don’t have the service needs for some/most people. That’s acceptable and understandable though. What Wind has done in 5 years solely as a wireless carrier (as opposed to cable+interet etc) to what the other 3 have had a decade+ to build is still something not to be looked over. The idea that ‘cheap’ people only use wind is sort of silly. You either use it, and find it fits your lifestyle, or it doesn’t. As someone who makes close to 6 figures, I could definitely afford the big 3 prices, but I don’t necessarily go to areas outside of winds network. I have been forced into roaming at times, but i keep an extra $5 on my account for those times, and have only used about $3 of that in the past year.

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      One of the best comments I read about this article!

  • Benjamin Lehto

    The fact that the big 3 all were able to give 6GB of Data a few years ago for only $30 as an add-on, exposes them as thieves charging what they do now. And I have a hard time believing that moving to 2yr plans instead of 3yr is the sole reason for that.

    Technology and it’s uses for high speed data becomes more and more demanding and prevalent in society and yet all we see is shrinking data caps with faster speeds and if you want to use your device in a way that takes advantage of those speeds you need to drop a lot more cash their way.

    Yes I am bitter when it comes to this and seeing the Big 3 offering what they do in places where there IS competition compared to where there isn’t just makes it that much more difficult to believe that their pricing tiers are not BS.

  • Omar

    I’ve been using Wind since November 2013 in Edmonton after I got a Nexus 5. I have unlimited everything for $30, it was a special plan. Most of my time is spent either at home, work, or MacEwan. I don’t make too many long phone calls on their service, but I’ve never had a call drop and the quality is decent considering I pay $30.

    Their service is alright in the West end. Besides a few places in MacEwan (the book store) and when on the bus I have a full signal and data speeds are good enough for what I do, streaming and surfing the web. As for their customer service, I’ve had a few problems with payments which they’ve fixed for me every time. I know there are tons of horror stories about Wind but from personal experience they’ve been a good carrier. Their network has gotten slightly worse lately, but nothing unusable and I figure they’ll be improving soon enough.

    With Wind, you get what you pay for. With the big 3, you get maybe half of what you pay for.

  • Pisidan

    Funny I see these articles and have been with Wind going on 4 years in Ottawa and have traveled to Vancouver and never had any of these problems ever. I get good speeds, calls go through and they are clear. Just odd I was using a Galaxy Nexus n now a Nexus 5 I do think the cell really plays a part in quality as well!

    • I’ve also never had any issues with WIND since I joined in 2010 but I didn’t get a data plan from them until 2012 and at the time I was using a Galaxy Nexus (and I had no issues expect the battery life on the phone) and now i’m using a Nexus 6 on WIND and it’s great so far.

  • m3mb3rsh1p

    I find my Wind service to be satisfactory. I am aware of their areas of coverage, which have become wider in recent years and am seldom disconnected from their fast data and strong reception. When not in a Wind zone, their Wind Away kicks in quickly so the concerns about being stranded in the wild are an exaggeration.

    I think dismissing Wind service as being non-premium and “cheap” is unfair. The generous bandwidth for lower cost “are” premium features depending on which side of the cost/benefit mirror one is standing. Just because something costs more doesn’t make it premium.

    Some points from your article demand a rebuttal (assuming you live in a Wind Zone):

    – Price check inside a bookstore: Reception in malls is generally poor but you could have just stepped outside the building instead of driving to the other store. You could even “talk to someone” in the store and have them find out for you.

    – Texting while driving: Just because you are dictating the text doesn’t mean you are not distracted, first of all. Secondly, you said it was occasional and I doubt the accuracy of such dictation. The pauses, the prompting from current Digital Assistant technology, even on Wifi… it all seems like an unsafe activity for a driver. As a commuter, I find Wind tower switching to be very fast and resilient. I watch Netflix, Youtube and have received calls while on the bus and would have to think long and hard to recall a dissatisfactory experience.

    – Missed calls: An extension of the above, Wind is very quick about notifying me about voicemail and sending texts once the phone reconnects in the event that I spent time in a dead zone.

    – Browsing in the bar: Did your friend have a phone they could try to look up your news story? Maybe they too would have had poor reception. Maybe it’s your IPhone that has poor indoor reception? So much for that conversation? Perhaps you could have inquired about public Wifi in the establishment and talked about that?

    All the points raised seem like nitpicking when you consider the immense benefits of being a Wind Customer. Their rates and generous bandwidth allotment more than make up for such technical hiccups that have easy workarounds.

    I shudder to imagine what it must feel like to have to deal with these unavoidable and identical issues in robelus World after “paying a premium”. I know people experience dead zones and slow zones with the Big Three as well. While they do have the benefit of wider coverage and possibly faster networks, Wind more than adequately serves my needs. Why pay more, for more than I need?

    It’s not cheap to be frugal.

    • Omis

      I was having no issues with wind for 4 years and now that I do, I can see why people are complaining. Basically texting is the only thing I can do while I am at home. The sad thing is I cant even call wind to complain because the voice quality is so bad. Its been like that for a month and getting worse. So be happy that its working for you at the moment because when it doesn’t work, it’s an exercise in frustration.

  • Your problem is that you were using an iPhone.

  • xanth18

    I got my first, personal smart phone just over 3 years ago. I had signed up with Wind! I had very little issues… I worked in downtown Toronto, so signal was always good. Very few connections.

    Then I moved jobs to somewhere just east of Toronto. The new building I was in blocked a lot of signal from Wind. Stable data connections were almost impossible to come by… the mornings weren’t bad, but once more people “woke up” my connection dropped regularly. Texting was frustrating at the best of times… I’d have to reset my connection multiple times, sometimes between 6 – 12 times simply to send ONE text.

    So after my three year point hit, the paid off my tab and I was gone. Switched to Telus. Solid signal, regardless of where I was… haven’t had a single texting issue so far in 3 months.

    I loved Wind for their pricing… but it’s not worth the headaches. I’d consider them again if they can get their network in order.

  • My boyfriend has Wind and I feel like some of the author’s points are dead on. In Edmonton, he’s had no issues with service, but in SW Ontario, where we lived before, it was the worst. No service on the 401/402, struggles in the GTA and minimal signal in his house. I think it’s great in large urban areas, but in smaller cities, etc. it just won’t work for a lot of people. As for his statement that it’s great for people who can’t afford anything else, even Tony Lacevera said that Wind users will be high data users or low income users, so I don’t feel it was pretentious at all. I work for a Big 3 carrier, and I hope Wind takes off to help everyone keep costs low, but it’s not there yet and there’s nothing wrong with admitting it. Many @ the Wind call centre in Ontario gave up their free Wind plans for Fido or Rogers plans because of connectivity issues. Hopefully we’ll see more growth.

    • Krblinca

      I’ve had similar issues to your boyfriend Mary-Helen, and I’ve sort of guessed at the cause for the weird service blips: It’s probably cases of network congestion due the user base growing faster than tower capacities.

      Planning to stick with Wind for at least another year and half (end of my next Tab), so I hope that the revenue from their spectrum sales gets used to improve capacity.

  • Eli_Vance

    Peter and Mobilesyrup probably had an envelope full of money waiting for them once they published this piece.

  • William CC

    Can I suggest signing up with the new PublicMobile? It is the TELUS network (so coverage is great), and you can get unlimited talk+text and 12GB over three months (4gb/month) for $70/month ($210 for 90 days).

  • Jonavin

    You guys are a more of a fanboy than I am. I am usually the WIND apologist but Nowak is not wrong in his assesment. No, he’s not paid by the big 3. If you read all his other articles you would see he’s more of a consumer advocate.

    While WIND works fine for me most of the time, many peope have issues in areas they frequent. Just because that’s his experience don’t think he’s jus making it up. And vice versa, if people they have a good experience with WIND, it may very well be true. At my house, the worst carrier for reception is Rogers, even Mobilicity and WIND is better.

    It’s all about choices. If it works for you then great, sav esome money. If it doesn’t, don’t hang around just to “save money” because you’re not saviing any money because you paid for service you can’t use.

  • AJKahn

    I did the same thing. Though I didn’t completely switch, I carried another SIM from WIND on my new OPO for a couple of months and found that when it works, it’s great. But the many times it failed, were the most annoying.

    Even while cancelling I told them that I will gladly switch back when they have the new spectrum in place. Unfortunately, that still may take a couple of years at least.

  • Mohamed Abdinur

    I first will say that I acknowledge all the issues regarding speed, unresponsiveness (high latency), dropped calls, limitations of AWS in building penetration, dead spots, and low quality of connections the Wind user sees on an average day … it isn’t perfect but I think you can say you get quite a bit of features as a trade off so it is important to highlight that. For example Wind is the only carrier on the TTC so far … how many commuters value that over having a timely price comparison?

    You allude to having a new attitude towards high data usage that you were beginning to take advantage of throughout your Wind experience. This is what the ethos of net neutrality, true mobility, and carrier freedom is all about. The analogy I like to use is that most people pay for Ferrari’s with the big three knowing full well they can never fully utilize it … I am happy with the Accord it is practical and I get the most use out of it.

    On the issue of Wind being for the bargain hunters; I think you are generalizing the case and misrepresenting true motives of individual Wind users. It is true you went in for the bargain and then realized you can do without the bargain but I joined a movement. I can well afford the big three and I can stomach the highest value plans even knowing full well I can fully utilize it. I made a conscientious decision not to in this case on the principal that the big three are an evil corrosive element in Canada’s IT infrastructure and they have been in collusion to make this country an industry laggard for quite some time. It has been the renewed competition that has begun to improve the situation in Canada but I assure you before Wind, Videotron, Mobilicity, Public Mobile, and the other regional players getting involved that the prices you trivially say are double just as easily could have been triple, with a $6-$9 system access fee, 3 year contract, and an early termination fee that had nothing to do with the amortized rate remaining on the subsidized phone. All phones would have been carrier locked forever without having avenues of unlocking through the carrier … do people easily forget the past? Also the price point is not for those who cant afford the big three in general it is for those of us who know the true cost of wireless should not be anywhere near the rates advertised by the big three. Let me give an example to those who think like this lets say I was selling an Accord priced like a Ferrari and two interested parties come to buy when one guy says “it is an unreasonable rate” does it make sense for the other to say “you are just saying this because you cannot afford it”? This author ultimately sounds like a hypocrite … you hope for change but are not willing do something about it. I believe in the true maxim that talk is cheap and you put your money were your mouth is so I joined Wind and have put up with a lot of nonsense knowing that I can stomach these non-issues so long as not a dollar of mine goes to the big three not with my internet service, and certainly not with my wireless service.

    What really annoys me if by now you haven’t got it is that folks all too easily say Wind is for the “poor” … why can’t they ever also highlight Wind is for those who have a principal to stand on and don’t waste time complaining on why the big three cost so much while under delivering? Why can’t people see that there are some of us who are here because we are part of a movement where we are showing our dissatisfaction with the status quo by moving our business to a sub standard carrier but who aligns more with the principals we have always preached. You got to be able to give your business so they can have a fighting chance to build this great network you hope for … it just doesn’t happen on a hope, or a wish, or a prayer or in a dream.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    agree Paying more then 50 Dollar Month for Cell is Dumb

  • asiaworldcity

    I just purchase a iPhone 6s and I am planning to switch to Wind. Why? It is not really about money, but I feel Wind is the only company in Canada that treat customer fairly and really want to prove a better alternative for Canadian with limited resources (What do you except with this price?). Don’t forget they just founded in 2009, and they are still pretty much a little kid. Wind is the first company that build network in TTC. Where is Bell, Rogers, Telus for the last 10 years? Other world class city’s subway had network coverage long time ago. Wind’s signal can now match with Rogers/Fido’s signal in Toronto urban area, this is incredible with a company that young. I visited Wind’s store last week and the staff told me that they will launch LTE at the end of 2015. I am looking forward to that although I don’t expect the service as good as fido’s. I think what I need is just a fair price and the “ture mobile freedom” they claims. The feeling is absolutely fantastic when I don’t need to worry about my data use. If it disappoint me, I just simply walk away.

  • Aliengoo

    Peter Nowak gave an honest opinion,however, wished he tried one of the tester androids on Wind.Why,because I use Wind ,plus a VOIP to back them up when in the home office.I find the android is fine,Blackberry was dropping into SOS with frequency,both have been flagship devices.”Fine” for the android on Wind means slower loading than my big three offered,and dropped calls, sometimes delayed voice mail.Nothing disastrous for me to want to return to the over priced Canadian retail mobile. I grew up in California,and still spend time as an adult,so I do SEE how badly Canadians need Wind to become more reliable. Customer service,2013 I dropped Rogers for OTA and streaming because of the customer service,cost for what I don’t want.Wind customer support appears to no longer be foreign,and they’re somewhat reasonable in comparison to ROBELUS,used all three to compare.If you ride the TTC subway,you have mobile coverage,didn’t see ROBELUS installing those switches. Things like the spectrum drama ,big three challenging foreign ownership,Vimpelcom debt transfer burns up resources,and cannot help with expansion. Only 15 years,or so ago,wasn’t Rogers on the CRTC door step about Bell…

  • Julian

    I was with Wind for a year and a half, and then went back to Virgin (this time with unlocked iphone) last month. I can tell you. Considering crappy reception and data speed, what you’re paying to Wind is not worth it. I’m in Ottawa, Ontario and wind really frustrated me with poor reception even inside downtown buildings. They really need to significantly improve its reception to compete with big 3 if they want to be in this business.

  • Steve Perro

    Been with wind for three months. Switched over from bell. Saving $110/mth. Haven’t had any issues with calls, and I only use my email which loads receives and sends quickly. I also check the occasional hockey score. I use my phone for business and have yet to miss a call or have a dropped call during a business conversation. I’ve seen zero difference with call quality from bell to wind, and at home I have full reception on wind while I only had two bars with bell. No complaints here and happy to pay $39.55/mth after taxes. 🙂 hey, if it’s not for you, great, but don’t hate on th wind customers who have no issues with it.

  • danny wood

    I just can’t afford the big three prices period.. So I’m stuck on Wind. I always buy my phones unlocked and not from Wind, and every six months. It drives through the roof that I’ve spent $700-$800+ on a flagship phone just to have Wind completely destroy the performance and reliability of it.. And it just took three tries to post this..

  • Haruki Chou

    I tried Wind Mobile, but it doesn’t work on my work’s street, Caldwell Ave in Ottawa. Very poor coverage indeed. Went back to Fido. I pay a bit more but my phone is working! Why pay less for a Wind phone which is always Wind Away (out of range)!

  • Nunya Biz

    I was with Wind for 3 years and really did like the company (their social media customer service is great) but my biggest problem (and the reason I left) was; There are entire areas of the city (Toronto) that are total “phantom zones” with no service at all (as soon as you get into the area the service cuts) and the same if I’m out to a festival or anything like that with a large crowd; Next to or no service at all! I live where there’s a huge 3 day festival every summer; and I had absolutely no service at all (even while at home) THE ENTIRE WEEKEND because of the amount of people that were outside.

    I reluctantly signed up to one of “The Big 3” for WAY more than what I was paying Wind and for way less features….

    It’s great that Wind now works in the subway; but they need(ed) to focus on above ground service before doing things underground.

  • Anna Grealy

    I’ve had it with Wind. For limited stuff they are fine. After more than a year and eight months on a two year plan, for paying for a $200. phone, there is still an outstanding balance of $131.34 on the phone! These guys pretend that there are no contracts, and no ‘hooks’, but they set it up to get you in other ways. So if you quit with wind, you will get screwed on the phone, that isn’t worth even $100 to begin with. Corporate greed at its best. Their rates might be cheap, but I don’t even go on the internet – just talk and text – and they will penalize me if I try to drop to a less expensive plan. I will immediately have to pay that extra $131.34!

    • Harry

      None of what u said make any sense

  • mauriceh

    How much did Rogers pay for that?
    Seriously, I do not experience what you are describing.
    I also carry a work Telus phone and get the pretty much same data service with both around Edmonton and Calgary.

  • Killuminati Warriors of truth

    It’s nice not having to worry about my data limits any more, being able to actually use my smart phone as it is intended when ever I want is great. I would sometimes be paying $120 a month with Rogers and still be limited to what I could do. I am very happy with my 20gb of full speed for $60 from wind, yeah it has its hick ups sometimes but they are improving. It sounds to me like a bunch of Rogers employees are in this comment section lol

  • Christian Morrison

    Well it’s now almost a year since you penned this review and I’m wondering if your opinion of the Wind service has evolved at all? We too move from B&^L to other providers as needed as we travel about North America working. I’m in Windsor ON at the moment and Wind has a bit of a presence here, maybe because of the proximity to Michigan.
    Sorely tempted to get the Wind Sim out again.

  • Michael Duffy

    I just stumbled across this article. I was leary about switching to Wind Mobile as well. I had a great legacy plan with Fido but when they came up with their USA plan I decided to take the plunge.

    Data is slower than Fido, but only by seconds. Yes, there are a few zones that I stay away from. However, my phone has an amazing antenna so I definitely don’t have the same issues as the author.

    I wouldn’t recommend switching to Wind with an iPhone. You need a phone with an amazing antenna in order to enjoy the freedom and price of Wind.

  • marnes

    I literally switched from Bell to Wind yesterday. I live in Vancouver, work in Burnaby, so I’m basically in the epicenter of good service. I went from a $60/month plan to $35/month WIND plan for apparently way more.

    So far, three things have happened:
    1. I keep receiving coded text messages (gibberish). Started right after migrating to Wind… received 8 messages in two days. Not sure what this is.
    2. Couldn’t use Siri to call my wife when I got in my car. Though it worked when I was home (and stationary).
    3. Downloading apps takes an extraordinary amount of time to kick in. This never used to be the case.

    I’ve got 15 days to take it back, but it’s not looking promising. I might go back to Bell or another carrier. Just paid $50 to unlock my phone too, but I bet they would reverse that if I came back.

    What I didn’t like about Bell — phoning places like Whistler or Chilliwack is considered long distance, as well as making calls from those locations. And that I went 600MB over my monthly limit before I received my first notification and got charged for it. I disputed it and they reversed it, but that was part of why I switched to WIND — not having to worry about limits.

  • Harry

    To the people who are using iPhones on Wind. Do not expect it to work well. Wind doesn’t even sell iPhones

  • Univ Limt

    wind has become a horrible company. I have been a client for 6 years, Until last year I was urging all my friends and employees to switch to wind as an alternative to the other major providers. Turns out that when checking my bill I was being charged $10/month on top of my regular charges ($25 per month for unlimited talk and data that was offered when I first signed up) for a blackberry connect fee. I called Wind to ask why I was being charged this as I had not owed a BB for over 2 years. “Customer service” calls me a week later offering me a $10 refund. I now checked my recent bills and discovered that after they dropped the BB connect fee I was now being charged an additional $30 per month for data. I contacted Wind over a week ago and still have not received a call back from them. I am looking at dropping 7 lines that we currently have with them. If anyone has a good experience with their provider pls reply to this post. Also I would like to ask if anyone knows how to file a formal complaint against this company for what seems to me as unethical and unlawful behaviour.

  • whatever

    Toronto, ON – terrible service haven’t had any service for 3 days now – just signed up last month with Wind thinking what a deal – guess it would be if you actually have service – I can’t even make a phone call…
    Looks like Rogers Network (ChatR) will be getting all my future business.

  • Thank you for writing about your experiences with Wind! I’m in the market for a new phone and new provider and thanks to your article, I’ve decided not to go with Wind. Thanks for helping me narrow down my decision!

  • Jim Douglas

    Watch what you do when switching to Freedom Mobile. Your phone probably won’t work on their LTE network and they are not willing to help their current customers. Their solution is pay off the balance of your current phone and buy the $1000 one. In my case I just signed up 4 weeks ago and have only made the one payment so I’d be stuck for $400+ to switch. Apparently Freedom told me Shaw cannot help me as they are completely separate.

  • sebastiandunbar

    Stay away from Wind mobile or whatever they now call themselves. It may be cheap but the service SUCKS! No service up through Chilliwack, or Hope or Whistler or Squamish or Victoria or even crossing the border. And when you use too much data or your allowed data the phone service goes off even if you have 20 or 30 left on your account. You still need to top up, and forget about making phone calls, they won’t let you. Wind truly does suck. I am off Wind, it’s easier to just go through Telus or Fido. But here in Canada we are so overpriced it’s sickening. At least in the US you have the freedom and it’s way cheaper.

    Screw you Wind!

    • MrTickles

      Actually they have service in Chilliwack, Whistler and Victoria. They don’t in Hope.

  • zaid toma

    I used to be with wind in the past and dropped them due to the service.
    I’m a single father of 2 teens and was paying about 240 for 3 phones and a few gigs of data
    I decided to try wind again last week and for the price I’m paying 105$ unlimited
    I honestly have nothing bad to say ….
    Sure some calls drop, sure texts don’t go through and sure at times I can’t connect to the Internet…but folks it’s a 150$ a month savings and how can Freedom get better if we can’t throw them a few dollars.
    If your using your phone for business don’t bother. If your casual
    Give it a shot