Court instructs Bell to change mobile TV pricing model during appeal


  • FakeBibic


    • Tyler Roy Gamble

      There’s nothing good about this. 5 dataless hours > always using your data

    • Matthew

      Everything about this is good. Bell can’t discriminate against competing services now. If they want their mobile TV service to compete against Netflix on even terms, they have to do it with programming, not artificially favoring their own services.

    • JM

      It’s good because now if they want to sell you mobile tv, they have to include more data in the plans. SOOO, more DATA for LESS $$! See? 🙂 It’s good!

    • iPwn8599

      youre funny

    • You can get 25gb…. If you pay for it. This was just a lost feature for customers who likely use both BellTV and Netflix.

  • Matthew Hill

    So will it be a subscription based service that will use users data allotment?

    • Victor_Creed

      Yep. Basically it’s a service that no one will use now.

  • R raae

    I had a very bad experience with Bell.Will never deal with them again.

  • Matt

    Why don’t the carriers just offer unlimited data like wind mobile. And then problem solved. No need to worry about their tv mobile services since everything would be unlimited. These carriers offer unlimited home Internet. So I’m sure they could offer unlimited data on mobile phones as well

    • Claudio Perez

      Not unlimited. 5GB or $10 for 10GB then you get dial up speeds right after. That too, for any provider you can thank the CRTC again, its called “fair data usage policy”

    • Brayden

      Because I’d rather have my constant 50mb/s phone speeds and have a cap then have unlimited 3mb/s

  • Claudio Perez

    New pricing model = bell will now charge for data used and per MB. Congrats CRTC

    • Rio

      This is a good thing, it means Bell has to follow with Net Neutrality, letting this slide would just be setting us up for bell telling us what we can do with our data

    • Claudio Perez

      No ,its mobile TV didn’t use data vs it will use data now.

    • iPwn8599

      who even used the TV app anyway? half the channels on mine are blocked anyway..

    • Oh no, Bell can’t give their own product special treatment anymore, they have to compete on a fair and equal basis. Oh, the humanity!

  • Haris Aazar

    so if you signed a contract with bell that gave you bell tv for 10 hours for free in a month, does that mean you can now get out of that contract ?

    • skullan

      You still will be on the hook for any owed money or device balance.

    • Rio

      No, the Mobile TV was offered as a ‘Promotional Add on’. Bell might find another way to still give you Mobile TV but simply say its worth more now

    • The rest of the contract is unaffected, just the MobileTV feature.

  • Waqqas Khokhar

    The only people who can be happy about this ruling are the “new” entrants that have no hope of offering any sort of Mobile TV add-on for the foreseeable future. There’s one less reason for consumers to pick the competition over them now.

    FWIW, Mobile TV is a fantastic service (from any carrier, not just Bell).

    • “The only people who can be happy about this ruling are the “new” entrants”

      And every competing media streaming service, like Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

  • Luis Vaughn Oliver DeJesus

    Sometimes I wonder why mobile carriers don’t simply go the other way. Why not team up with Netflix and offer 3 hours of content for $5? Is there something I’m missing that doesn’t allow for this?

    I know this would appeal to a lot of people, myself included!

    • SycloneRob

      That wouldn’t work either. Goes against net neutrality. Stupid I know.

  • Just Jess

    They should just say $5 for 5 hours streaming media, be it their tv service or Netflix, Crave or whatever.

  • Peter

    I don’t like this ruling. Netflix pays nothing to maintain the networks, why should the CRTC be looking out for them. If Bell wants to make the streaming unlimited (at great cost to them) why stop it? Now it will either be too expensive or they wont be offering it anymore. Good work CRTC

  • jayzon12

    Why is the CRTC stepping in on everything with the context of Net Neutrality? Bell TV is a cable TV service not a streaming service. It is a add on to their current TV that they pay for and should be able to watch it where ever they want. The CRTC is just shutting down anything that would bring more benifits to customers.

    • Peter M

      THE CRTC ARE THE BEST!!!!! Woooooo!!!

  • Ceribaen

    Perhaps if they’re forced to go back to the charging data model for mobile TV, they’ll re-enable it over wifi. It used to be, way back in the day when it first was available that you could watch unlimited over wifi (perhaps unintended), and they eventually restricted that and have done nothing with the service since.

    I think the only time I ever used it when I had it, was to watch episodes of Big Bang Theory while waiting in line at the car wash on sunny days.