Leaked screenshots show Windows 10 technical preview for phones

Last month, Microsoft gave us a peek at what we can expect from the next generation of Windows mobile devices. Though the company talked a lot about Windows 10 on mobile and universal apps, this is not the same version of Windows that you’ll see on your desktop.

Microsoft didn’t go into a lot of detail on the differences between the two, but it did specify that these are two separate Windows 10 products — one for Windows PCs and tablets larger than eight inches. Tablets and phones smaller than eight inches will run “Windows 10 for mobile and small tablets.” We were also promised a preview of this version of Windows at some point in February. We don’t know when exactly that’s coming but we’re getting a little taste of it today.

Windows Central posted the above screenshots, which it claims are from Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. These pictures show off Action Center, which Microsoft revealed in January is synched to your PC along with Settings. Action Center has also gained the ability to expand upon items and dismiss items on an individual basis.

Beyond that, these screenshots don’t tell us much. However, previous reports have suggested that the Lumia Camera will be built into Windows 10 for mobile and small tablets (though certain special features will still be saved for Microsoft’s own Lumia devices).

[source]Windows Central[/source]

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