Minecraft: Story Mode coming to mobile devices next year

Telltale Games has announced plans to produce an episodic game based on the popular sandbox game ‘Minecraft.’ Dubbed Minecraft: Story Mode, Telltale says the game will be a narrative-driven collaboration between Mojang and Telltale that is set in the world of Minecraft. Mojang on Thursday mentioned that there would also be some collaboration with members of the community.

Story Mode will be a standalone game with an original story and new characters, though Telltale did say there would be some familiar themes at play. The studio didn’t reveal much else about the game beyond the fact that it will be inspired by the Minecraft community. However, Mojang did warn users that it won’t be an “official” story for Steve, or a story that explains the world of Minecraft in detail. If that’s what you were hoping for, make peace with the disappointment now, because Minecraft promises it will still be, “a really cool game” and you don’t want your judgement clouded by lost hopes or dreams.

Telltale has already confirmed that the game will be available across PC, console, and mobile, though it’s not immediately clear if the game will see a multi-platform launch or if it will arrive on one platform before the others. Interestingly, though Minecraft just debuted on the Windows Phone store, it doesn’t sound like Windows Phone users will get to play Story Mode. Mojang mentioned only iOS and Android in its blog post.

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