Uber X arrives in Edmonton

Uber is continuing is foray into more Canadian cities this week by bringing its UberX ridesharing service to Edmonton.

UberX allows everyday Uber users to sign up to become drivers and pick up their own passengers. Uber notes that going this route is reportedly 30% cheaper than a calling a taxi in the city, and is offering all Edmontonians $30 in free rides.

For those concerned about security, Uber states that “uberX rides are delivered by thoroughly screened driver partners, and backed by our constantly improving safety practices,” and all drivers undergo a RCMP and police background check.

Former Edmonton Mayor Bill Smith, said, “It’s great to see innovative and new business models like Uber come to Edmonton. I’ve always believed that embracing change is the best path to success. Uber’s technology will create opportunity and more transportation options for our citizens, helping this city continue to grow.”

Uber has been under scrutiny for how it conducts its business. In Canada, the City of Toronto is seeking a court injunction to halt the company from operating on its streets. Ottawa MPP John Fraser is also seeking a Uber ban and recently tabled the “Protecting Passenger Safety Act” that specifically “address[es] the issue of app-based bandit cabs in the province.”

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