Nokia denies reports that it will stop support for HERE Maps on Windows Phone

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Microsoft bought Nokia’s devices and services divisions but HERE, the company’s location and mapping division, wasn’t included in that package. That’s why we’ve seen HERE hit Samsung devices like the Gear S, the Galaxy lines of smartphones, and any other Android smartphone thanks to its recent Play Store debut. Nokia has said that iPhone version is forthcoming.

It’s clear Nokia is eager to get HERE on as many platforms as possible now that it doesn’t have to develop exclusively for Windows Phone. However, this week, reports surfaced that Nokia was actually planning to ditch Windows Phone development completely.

Windows Central points to this report in DigiToday that cites Udo Szabo as saying Microsoft will be responsible for the development of HERE Maps for Windows Phone. Szabo is director of product marketing for HERE and was quoted as saying the company’s goals have changed since Nokia doesn’t make phones anymore. The translated quote from this Finnish-language publication reads:

“When did Nokia phones, our goal was slightly different. Now we are developing applications on the basis of a realistic market. Microsoft will pay our maps license fees and is responsible for application development.”

Nokia has commented on the reports that it will no longer support HERE on Windows Phone and says that isn’t true. However, it failed to specifically address the comments made by Szabo about Microsoft taking over development.

“We have noticed some discussions in the blogosphere about HERE on Windows Phone,” Nokia said on its official blog. “We want to clarify that we are committed to providing great products and consumer experiences for Windows based phones. We will continue to support our HERE apps to ensure that they will be compatible with future versions of Windows.”

HERE Maps for iPhone is expected early in 2015.

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