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SimpleSyrup: App updates for the week ended December 5th

App updates galore! Every week, developers push out updates to your favourite applications. There’s just too many for us to dedicate an individual post to every app, especially when the updates are often very minor or just to add one specific feature.

This week was rather slow for news but we saw plenty of app updates, including tweaks to Chrome Beta and Hangouts, new filters for Twitter photos, and a new My Account page for the Play Store. We also saw the arrival of PayPal One Touch in Canada, a Christmas keyboard for Minuum users, and Microsoft’s Toque voice activated search app. Check out the lists below for updates to your favourite apps!

Windows Phone

WeChat for Windows Phone — New interface, ability to view al images from chat, and ability to extract QR codes from within images.

Xbox Music — Restores ability to buy tracks on an individual basis, general bug fixes.

Amex Mobile — Ability to access your Amex account on the go; new on the Windows Phone Store.

Facebook Beta — Bug fixes and performance improvements, bug fixes.

Skype — Improvements to chat, larger emoticons, new dark mode, bug fixes.

Pocket Tanks — new on the Windows Phone Store

VLC beta — New on the Windows Phone Store

BBM — Stickers, support for timed messages and message retraction.

Disqus — Complete redesign, new notification system, support for login via Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the ability to follow communities.


Google News and Weather — Addition of dark theme, larger graphs on weather cards, ability to search for news topics and save searches to your custom sections.

OneDrive — Push notifications, thumbnails for OneDrive for Business users, custom pin code timeouts.

Torque — Ability to shake to launch voice activated search on your smartphone

Next Lock Screen — Improved integration for Samsung devices on KitKat, performance improvements, weather information based on location, ability to set your home wallpaper to your lock screen.

Slingshot — Complete redesign of Facebook’s Snapchat competitor. Photos now only expire after 24 hours after they’re sent.

Twitter — improvements and bug fixes, new filters for photos.

Peggle Blast — New in the Google Play Store.

PayPal — Support for Samsung’s fingerprint reader.

Wire — New chat app with message encryption.


Dropbox — General reorganization, ability to rename files and folders.

Google Play Books — Updated with Material Design, as well as recent and recommended section, a cleaner layout, and new animations.

Amex Mobile for iPhone — Ability to your account via Touch ID, bug fixes.

Instapaper — Support for handoff, new save extension, new Unread Count (enabled in settings).

Slingshot — Complete redesign of Facebook’s Snapchat competitor. Photos now only expire after 24 hours after they’re sent.

Wire — New chat app with message encryption.

PayPal — Ability to stay logged in and pay with One Touch


Snap10 — Fixed stories not loading, improvements registration process, bug fixes.

LinkedIn — Bug fixes and improvements.

iGrann Pro — Bug fixes and improvements.

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