Chrome Beta and Messenger for Android receive some cosmetic tweaks and improved stability

Google’s Chrome Beta for Android hit version 40 this week with the usual improvements to stability and bug fixes and some cosmetic changes. Lollipop users, for example, will notice an extended address bar, and Android Police also reports that there’s also couple of new flags (accessible through chrome://flags), including one to activate an experimental bookmarks manager and another to enable random password generation for website logins.

We’re used to seeing minor and frequent updates to Chrome Beta (that’s sort of the whole point) but Google is also playing around with its new Messenger app. It was just a few weeks ago that the company released a standalone messaging app, but Google is already tweaking things with an update that allows you to override the randomly assigned colours for each conversation. Not a huge deal, but when nobody wants to be Mr Pink or Mr Brown, it’s nice to be able to manually decide. This update also brings some improvements to performance, with smoother animations and increased stability.

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