Mobilicity is the ‘Bentley Motors’ of wireless, says its CEO


  • wacom

    riiight. and blackberry is the cream of the crop for wireless

    • Superion

      The cream makes up a small percentage and is highly desired by those who recognize it’s value. So in that regard, BlackBerry is the cream of the crop. The top enterprise mobile solution, highly desired by wealthy successful individuals

    • collinpage

      “Wealthy successful naive individuals”

  • Adam Reinhardt

    My hope is that this was completely a joke and he doesn’t have delusions of grandeur

  • deltatux

    As much as I love competition, that comment is just full of lols

  • bembol


    Bell is Gozilla (Nissan GT-R). I’ll stick with Bell.

    • KiwiBri

      I remember seeing these race back in the early 90s in NZ. Amazing. It was a beast at that time!

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    Bentley should press charges for having Mobilicty devalue their brand so badly.

  • It’s Me

    I love Mobi, but that is just delusional even as a joke. That’s like Value Village being the Bentley of clothing stores.

  • hoo dat

    One of these things is not like the other….
    I saw this tweet earlier and nearly spat out my coffee! He’s delusional, surely?

  • Stephen K

    Now to clean my the coffee off my screen!

    • wacom

      do you run dual monitors at work? CRT monitors that when you turn them on they go “boiiiingingngngg”

  • Ken K.

    Perfect analogy if Bentley’s top speed is 20 KMH.

  • 5Gs

    Oh my! I will be totally offended and press charge mobilicity if i was an owner of Bentley.

  • Tomas

    That’s an insult to Bentley.

  • gtasscarlo

    Mobilicity is more like a 1989 Honda civic with rust on it.

  • grantdude

    Yeah. And Walmart is the Rolls Royce of retail.

  • ericng823

    What is he smoking?

  • hoo dat

    There’s no such thing as bad press.
    Wait, yes there is!

  • SkAshe

    Bentley Motors should sue Mobilicity for damaging their brand reputation.

  • undino

    Calm down people. It was a morning tweet, clearly what he wanted to say was;

    My wireless is not working! I wish @mobilicity was like, the @BentleyMotors of cars.

    • hoo dat

      I’ve been following Booth for quite some time, since before he became CEO and it’s because of Tweets like this that I do. He has a rather heightened and unrealistic idea of Mobilicity’s place in this world and he’s prone to putting his foot in his mouth more often than any other tweeter I’ve come across. He’s even threatened other tweeters with legal action because they reposted Globe articles about Mobilicity and its situation. He doesn’t post as often as he used to, but when he does it’s certainly amusing.

  • Craigs List

    Bentley? More like Ford Pinto. One more wrong move… EXPLOSION

  • Martini

    I didn’t realize Bentley was going bankrupt.

    • WP74Life

      Still hating on other company than the big 3’s ?
      I can’t get it, you guys always complain but when they’re something about a smaller independant company you can’t miss one joke.

    • Martini

      Except I’ve been highly critical of the Big Three and have also happily been with WIND for almost a year. Go piss on somebody else.

    • AGoodM8

      Well said lol.

  • Accophox

    That’s a good joke. I had to clean up the coffee I spat at the screen from laughing so hard. >.<

  • Johnie

    You have to be kidding right and obviously the man is on acid, Anthony Booth and Dave Dobbin the former CEO of Mobilicity actually represent the biggest trolls of the telco industry in Canada and are far worse than any of the big three…their lies did them in and how customers were used. I just hope Wind Mobile gets their customers with a bottom of the barrel bid and that Bitove goes back to selling chickens. They deserve no respect whatsoever as they only hoped to profit from subs being stupid and Tony at Wind should at least be congratulated for keeping his boat afloat after being shot down many times.

    • laserfan

      Mobilicity is run by goons. with no sense of integrity. They take away unlimited long distance plans from paying customers, they make fun of customers on Twitter by giving free phones for saying laser, they give unfair prevential treatment to fanboys while ignoring legitimate complaints from paying customers, they change plans on customer because ceo has personal disputes with customer, they talk about densification and Lyons lies about the number of new towers, they lie about expansion, and they had a ceo who accused customers of using too much data on an unlimited plan.

    • Johnie

      I believe you’re an honest man and what you stated is 100% true, I remember Dave Dobbin the former CEO for Mobilicity trolling on HoFo from day one attempting to con new customers into joining and the way he lied about customers who tried to defend themselves never apologizing making special deals for suck ups-I was so happy like many others when Dobbin got fired and kicked out. I left that site in less than a month long ago and the trolls are still there. Mobilicity along with the whole staff were always a joke and using customers. Booth and Lyons are no different and they still are acting disgracefully. I’m not a Wind fan boy or hater, however I hope Mobilicity’s shareholders get pay back and that Tony benefits by grabbing all the customers with a cheap deal-the company deserves no sympathy or respect.

    • laserfan1

      Even better is that Boothy gave smug answer when asked about unlocking and just said there was no business case. Such an arrogant answer. Your customers were asking because they wanted the service. But you said that you support unlocking but then were hypocites. Then you come out with unlocking fee of $40 that is higher than some others. And oh yes, the plan change fees. Classic! We all remember Mobilicity putting a new antenna and then telling everyone that it was a new tower! We know about them wasting money on a dinner but then making the mad the same people they were going to buy giving away a phone and then taking it away for no reason. I bet Mobilicity regrets that now because she is a writer at MobileSyrup now. What about them telling customers they are going to sue because people talk about a newspaper aticle. They allowed the dealer stores to do shady stuff and did nothing. The network is so bad. The dancing aliens are so stupid. and the militia was stupid to. The Mobilicity is getting what they deserve. Bentley? AHAHAHA

    • Johnie

      Man, I remember all this, it’s dead on and only the trolls supported Mobilicity trying to hide all the massive complaints…how HoFo allowed this including the lies is beyond me and why as a community they have no worth. No integrity and just a bunch of re-sellers attempting to make a profit or company shills posting garbage. The dancing aliens was the worse promotion ever for Mobi considering reception was awful and customers were actually paying to roam in their own local area. Bentley…more like Lada and Yugo and even those cars could move.

    • lazerandroidisgreat

      LazerAndroid had the right to speak out about the lies. He never wanted a free phone.The forum was not fair and closed the topic because they had to protect Mobilicity and had to keep the fanboy goons happy. Howard is a coward and the Strong mod was very weak. They make x the mod but he is a goon. Mobilicity stretched the coverage map to make the network look bigger and they were caught.

    • Johnie

      OMG, are you telling me they eventually made that guy x from BC or Alberta a mod, he was the biggest loser in the forums and just a bully with his friends-no wonder Howard picked a troll who supported Mobilicity and why he lied through his teeth supposedly wanting a job. LA never wanted a free phone or even asked for one and yet I’m sure all the fanboys were probably offered one to keep bashing anyone who complained. I remember all the disputes over coverage areas, lack of towers, wallet problems, bad phones, difficulty getting refunds and the worse dealers possible. Ironic how they got rid of Dobbin after being used like a puppet and who they selected as a new CEO. Let’s hope Wind Mobile benefits from this and they increase their subs a la cheap

    • lazerthebest

      X is the Mobilicity mod but he doesn’t do anything. No one talks in that forum because it is dead and so is the company. X breaks forum rules by posting off toipc posts wherever he feels like it but does it in other moderator’s forums like Wind. I guess he knows no one reads the Mobilicity forum. He allowed the idiotic news thread by P in Mobilicity to fester into everything not related to Mobilicity but wouldn’t move the junk to the proper forums. B is still there but is thinking about switching to Wind! We all know X was a Mobilicity employee but they fired him so he started bad mouthing Mobilicity and switched to Telus.

    • Johnie

      Not surprising, I remember once a few customers complained that a particular Mobilicity store only had Chinese speaking employees with no knowledge of English in Toronto screwing up accounts and x tried to imply the remarks were coming from racists-he was a total liar and Howard only cared about his profits and connections. Mobi also gave out personal info of customers to fan boys using borderline threats against those they disliked and then complained about the big three being corrupt. Dobbin, Lyons and Booth are no different, complete shysters who manipulated their clients on HoFo and Twitter and never once kept a promise-they tried to ruin the reputation of many posters considering x/b joined in on the insults and in the end they turned out to be the real cowards as you stated. Most of the regular posters were questionable also with affiliations to various companies, stores or whatever and why I hope Mobi gets what they deserve along with the greedy shareholders. You’re right in everything you say-just a horrible company and employees that needs to be forgotten being a complete disgrace.

      Side note: There was a guy on here named Roccostiffsomething always attacking Wind-whatever happened to him. Lol.

    • lazergood

      At least they were smart enough to fire the guy for arguing with customers on Twitter about being data abusers.That is another thing they did.They terminated the service of good paying customers for using the service.They think it is okay to cut people service off for using data because it is more than others on an unlimited plan. They would not tell people how much because they want to play favoritism with fanboys.There were fanboys that made fun of dead relatives. They are getting what deserve.

    • Johnie

      Exactly, they used fan boys as enforcers and any method available to silence legit complaints-what owner of a technical website like Howard allows members to bash dead people with corrupt mods or supports this kind of crap knowing the CEO was a joke. Again, regardless how many problems Tony at Wind Mobile had although I’m not a big fan he never stooped so low or trolled other sites bashing clients-why he’s still punching away and attempting to stay afloat. Mobilicity does not deserve any respect and amazing how many subs left.

    • hoo dat

      Lazer, I see you’re up to your old tricks again. How many pseudo IDs do you have replying to yourself this time? I count 6, am I missing any?

    • Johnie

      That’s not Lazer, I finally realized who it is by his posting and yet we all know your history being a total hypocrite-enough said. Lol.

    • hoo dat

      LMAO! Explain to me how I’ve been a “total hypocrite” if you could.

    • hoo dat

      C’mon, Johnie, you just accused me of being a total hypocrite and you owe me an explanation as to why. Can you stand behind your accusations or not?

    • hoo dat

      Aww, Johnie, you’ve gone and deleted your account. I guess this really shouldn’t have come as a surprise, I thought you were just going to abandon it and walk away rather than making it so obvious as to what you were up to. Talking of which, I’ve figured out why you never replied to me other than you not being able to show that I am indeed a hypocrite, and you cancelling your account only proves my theory even further. Seriously dude, get help.

  • Ge Trolli

    Nigga please

  • AGoodM8

    Seeing this makes me less sympathetic for Mobilicity (the folks running it I mean). As for Mobilicity’s customers, I sincerely hope things work out for them.

  • Avgvstvs

    Welfare mobile.

  • ScooterinAB

    He is obviously high, since not one word of this makes any lick of sense, given the company’s current state of affairs. That, or I was completely unaware that Bentley Motors was on the verge of bankruptcy.

    I wonder what Bentley is saying about this.

  • Jakob

    He should share whatever it is he’s smoking that way we can all see crap as exquisite chocolate.