Motorola X+1 features larger display, dual flashes, and aluminum frame

Motorola’s current flagship smartphone is the Moto X, which was released last summer. The fact that it’s almost a year old puts it at a distinct disadvantage compared to competing flagship smartphones. The fact that it’s underpowered compared to the competition and has to sell alongside the oh-so-reasonable-in-every-way Moto G makes things even more difficult. That could all change in a matter of weeks, though. Information about a new Motorola flagship has just hit the web and it sounds like it will be arriving sooner rather than later.

Apparently, Motorola’s hard at work developing the Moto X+1, a phone that closely resembles the other Moto forms in both aesthetic and form. The model in the photo has a wooden back that’s similar to the optional back-plate offered with the Moto X, but it adds an aluminum band as opposed to the plastic rim on the original version. Similar camera placement and overall shape lend themselves to the general Moto aesthetic, as well.motox1

What’s really different is the spec sheet. The Moto X+1 will supposedly bring a bigger display, as AndroidPolice’s tipster says Motorola is bumping the display up to 5.1 inches from the 4.7-inch panel on the Moto X, as well as dual LED flashes, and a speaker under the screen.

The Moto X was released last August, and rumor has it this new version (whether it’s called the Moto X+1 or the Moto X2 remains unclear) will be launched in tandem with the Moto 360 smartwatch, which is scheduled for an August release. This matches up with rumors from earlier this summer that said both devices would launch together and would come with Moto Maker for customizations.


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