Spotify’s Canadian launch is imminent


  • Threecube

    I would have been excited for this a few months ago. But now that Google Play Music is available in Canada, I have no need for Spotify.

    • wildspin

      My thought exactly … and there is Rdio for a long time. 😉

    • VLAN

      Spotify’s music catalog is quite larger then Google plays.

    • Super_Deluxe

      And Slacker Radio which is also great!

    • Yulet

      Let Google mine all your data, learn everything about you and maybe in the future they will show ads in your dreams. You’d love that.

    • Guest

      Ugh, IM

    • Super_Deluxe

      Boo hoo hoo. As if using Apple or Microsoft products are any different. If they’ll use it to make my experience better like suggesting music based on what I like to listen to then what’s the harm? Using my data to improve my experience is completely fine with me. And also every service including Netflix does the same, so why single out Google’s services?

    • Yulet

      Most of Google’s money come from using your mined data, without your data Google wouldn’t exist. Apple, Microsoft and other companies still use your data but most of those companies make most of their money from other stuff.

    • Tuan Bui

      Rofl.. You might as well wear a tin foil hat. Google services are essential nowadays… Maps, youtube(maybe) phones.. etc. Just get used to it.

    • Yulet

      I’m not using anything Google anymore and I don’t miss them at all. 😉

    • Anaron

      Oh no! They’re going to use my song preferences to control my mind! Oh, what shall I do to stop them?

    • ikr

      Yeah, that’s the only thing they’re mining from you when you use Google Play Music. One more clueless consumer

    • Anaron

      Me too. I’m really happy with Google Play Music.

  • chriskayTO

    “The item you have tried to buy is no longer available”.

    • chriskayTO

      Canada, in the Canadian store. Just tried again – same error.

    • Daniel Bader

      I think what happened is that they opened up the app for a short time to acquire a few initial test users and then closed it up again. Give it a few days, it should come back.

      Or you could get a US iTunes account and download it that way, though once in the app you’ll see the same sign up screen as you see above.

  • Mike L

    Hopefully we don’t get shafted and lose out on a ton of content. Like we did on Netflix.

    • Nexzen

      We do have other unlimited music service options in Canada and none of them have lost out on content.

    • mxmgodin

      I’ve come across a few unavailable albums on Xbox Music (don’t know if they’re available in the U.S., though).

    • mxmgodin

      I’ve come across a few unavailable albums on Xbox Music (don’t know if they’re available in the U.S., though).

  • RollyF

    I sat down to listen to some music on Google Play Music last night. After the disaster of it jumping arbitrarily between tracks for no reason (all while claiming to be playing the original track), I’m happy to see Spotify is on the horizon.

  • Many99

    anybody having trouble signing up i already have us account with them, I tried signing up with a new account but gives me sign up server error.

    With Spotify coming now, we wait for Pandoraand,iTunes Radio with/or Beats depending if Beats stays separate from iTunes Radio or they get combined.

  • Danielle

    Didn’t they announce this three-ish years ago? I still remember the news reports, circa 2011, that they were ‘coming to Canada’ and that ‘the launch would be imminnent’ and then there was practically radio silence for years. Nothing else was said on the subject. For all we know, this could be another three years before they launch.

  • Brian Callacabbage

    IF they are smart they will team up with WIND!

    • The Rooty’s Tweeties

      That does not make any sense at all. Plus, I would never even suggest that. Way to go, boozo impersonater.

  • redbarbvs

    A tad too late isn’t it? I have Google Play Music.

  • Tomas Peterka

    I’ve been Spotify user for a half year and now when in Canada I switched to Google Music. I must say that the comfort of Spotify is tremendous compared to Google Play. I am looking forward to switch back to Spotify which offers more offline devices, great standalone PC/MacOS/Linux app which can be integrated into the host OS.

    P.S. Spotify has great and beautiful android app (they don’t pay me for this I just prefer them over Google Play for good reasons).

  • Yulet

    Read my post above.

  • Yulet

    Read my post below.