Google brings Android screen mirroring to Chromecast


  • Cannabis Highway

    Sounds great. I just set up my Chromecast today and I love it already. I’m using an app from the Play Store to stream movies from my Dropbox. Worth its weight in gold. Can’t wait to try mirror casting.

    • Devastator

      This is good news. Was waiting for this functionality for some time.

      Which app are you using to stream these movies from Dropbox? It sounds like it is worth a try.

    • Cannabis Highway

      There are quite a few. I’m just in the process of testing them out along with the mirror casting and I just got my Chromecast set up today so bare with me. 🙂 The app to cast from Dropbox is Avia and it works great with no stuttering at all and I also tried Localcast which was free with ads and I can stream from my directory it seems. I use a sideloaded app called Show Box and I can cast Movies from there to my flat screen. Great device for 40 bucks.

      I also tried it with my iPad, casting YouTube and it worked really well, which surprised me because I have mediocre internet connection.

      Mirror casting works well with Nexus 7 but not at all with my Note 3 which was listed.

      Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

    • Devastator

      Thanks for the tips CH, I’ll check them out.

  • TomsDisqusted

    Chromecast & AirPlay both piggyback on your existing wifi network. If you are going to do this a lot then Miracast is potentially a better option since it creates a new point-to-point connection for the session. There were too many incompatibilities in early implementations of Miracast but it is getting better.

    • Faiz Imam

      But miracast to what? If you need to buy a device anyways might as well just buy a chromecast.

    • TomsDisqusted

      yeah, you can buy miracast receivers, but they cost more then CC. I wish CC also supported Miracast. Perhaps some of the coming Android TV devices will support both.

    • Balls O’Steele

      So I still need wifi to make the n5 talk to the chromecast dongle? Can I just make the n5 from (which i would be browsing) a wifi hotspot? Why can’t the n5 talk directly to the chromecast dongle like miracast?

    • TomsDisqusted

      The CC must be connected to an AP. You have an interesting idea in making your N5 into an AP/hotspot to allow you to directly connect them. Would be interested to hear if it works.

  • HiKsFiles

    The Galaxy S3 isn’t part of the initial list and the article states that all devices must at leat run Android Kit Kat 4.4.1. The North American S3 (i747(m) and other variants) have pretty much all (if not all) been upgraded to Kit Kat 4.4.2, but not the international i9300 due to limitation on RAM (only 1Go) and won’t be because of it.

    Is there still hope that the North American variants be eventually included or are we simply out of luck because of the i9300 ?!

    • marorun1982

      Got a Sony Z1 here much more recent than the S3 even more recent than the S4 and still dont have support for it..

      Annoying way to make others brand sell more.. should be all android device running 4.4.1 and more..

    • HiKsFiles

      It’s not a question of how recent a device is or if any Kit Kat 4.4.x devices should be included or not. I’m looking for an answer specifically for the GS3.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      “The full device list is below, with more to come soon” – I think this answers your question. Although the S3 meets the requirements, its not officially supported as of yet. There is quite a few phones on the market that are not on the above list but would meet the requirements, and the S3 is on a few carrier EOL sheets, so I can respect why it would not be a launch phone.

    • marorun1982

      This is a marketing gimmick mostly as i am pretty sure XDA dev will hack the .apk and all device running 4.4.1 or more will be able to use it..

    • HiKsFiles

      Agreed … and I kinda hope so!

    • marorun1982

      Just came from the xda forum and they did find a way to use mirroring on almost any phone (work A1 on my Z1) you need to be rooted because you need to make the app believe that’s you use one of the official device model.. They have put an online check for device version so it’s prove what I said a freaking marketing gimmick.

    • HiKsFiles

      Yup! I gave it a try during lunchtime today and it worked great… including sound. Just a few lags here and there, but nothing that would prevent me from using the feature. 🙂

  • Chris G

    Just some corrections

    Nexus devices seem to work fine with it without the new chromecast apk (might need to reboot the chromecast though) Tested it out on my N5 and N7 2013

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Works with my Nexus 4..kinda. I can connect and do a few things, but eventually it just kicks it out. Although I have not received the new update yet, I am on the old update.

    • Ontari_do_not

      performed the same chromecast reboot and had mirroring just fine.

  • marorun1982

    I hate Gimmick to sell spécific model of phone..
    All android phone on android 4.4.1 and more should be able to mirror not a selected number of device…

    This is like Telus link ptt service.. say its only work on some phone but its work perfectly well on all phone when using the apk to install..

    • AGoodM8

      Blame the OEMs skinning their Android devices, not Google. Their skins are so loaded with crap that the OS is hardly the same apart from core architecture.

    • marorun1982

      You did not read all I have wrote…

      Just like Telus Link app or the Samsung gear apps I am sure it’s work on others device it’s only a marketing plan to only make it available on some device.

      Also your skin crap don’t work as samsung is probably the most bloated android experience ever..

    • AGoodM8

      That’s a moot point. I read what you wrote; you just have it wrong. Samsung got it early because Samsung is popular. But there are just so many different flavours of Android. Of course we knew Nexus devices would get it first because they are pure Android, it was just a matter of which non-stock devices would be candidates for initial rollout.

      Making it work with some skins initially is doable, but not all of them. It’s still early in the game, more support will be added for sure.

    • marorun1982

      I am telling you its work on all 4.4.1 device it’s Allready integrated in android 4.4.1 google services who are updated on all phones.. Very soon someone at xda will make it work I am ready to bet on it.

      The update is an apk (chromecast apk) I was able to update on my nexus 7 but not on my phone there was just no update and when I tried to extract the apk and do it manually it’s told me my phone is not supported (exactly like the Samsung gear apk refused to install)

      So it’s will work as everything needed for it to work is Allready installed on all 4.4.1 and up device its just the app part you need to install.

    • AGoodM8

      If it’s just in the apk, then all phones in theory should work on it assuming they get the update to the Chromecast app. It’s a known fact that Google does staged rollouts.

      I’d wait longer than a couple hrs after the first reports of devices getting it before worrying about wide support. This feature is still in beta after all.

    • marorun1982

      Need to read fully…

      All device running the 4.4.1 androd version or more allready have all the required API all thats left is to link this with the app itself so thats why if you get the hacked apk ( when its be out ) and you dont have minimum 4.4.1 its will not work!

      There is a tread on XDA developper where they explained thats all the API was in the 4.4.1 android allready,.

      I am not worried just pissed of at those marketing gimmick..

    • AGoodM8

      I couldn’t find any such XDA thread. At any rate, there are a million Android devices out there, so don’t give me that “it should work on all of them!” nonsense .. as of now, a few droids are supported, most aren’t. If this remains the case for several months then you have a point. But on day one, I wouldn’t whine about a marketing gimmick.

      If this was a marketing ploy, why support the out of production HTC One M7 and not the current HTC One M8? Perhaps they did that for technical reasons, but definitely NOT for marketing reasons.Google has no interest in selling an M7. They just pulled the GPe M7 off the Play Store.

      Besides, at the end of the day, if you happen to be someone who cares THAT much about getting the latest updates with all things Android and consciously still opted for another phone over a Nexus, you don’t really have an excuse to complain.

    • marorun1982

      You really need to stop arguing the tread is there I just downloaded the apk file named enable mirroring from xda forum.

      It’s make it so your phone is seen by the google chromecast app as one of the valid model (it’s do nothing else)

      You need to be rooted but I am rooted and using the stock Rom that’s my phone came with.

      Google made an online check thats check what phone you use and that’s what block everyone running the 4.4.1 and more to use it… In all the phone they tested only the Samsung S3 and note2 randomly fail.

      As for the latest version of android I don’t need it but when an app is compatible with load of devices but a company only release it for some device I hate it.

    • AGoodM8

      If there’s a thread then link it. Otherwise don’t bother mentioning it…

    • marorun1982

      We are not allowed to put link on Mobilesyrup OMG you know nothing?

      Go on google and Do : XDA chromecast

      Its the first link on the top usually..
      You really are a big troll trying to have the last word.
      Sorry wont work with me.
      So unless you have some real argument now just dont reply and waste everyone time.

    • AGoodM8

      Obviously you can’t link directly. Rather than insulting my intelligence, I expect you to use your logic when I say link the thread. Use “(dot)” format or quote the thread title…. Telling me to do a general search like that and find exactly what you are referring to is beyond idiotic. There are clearly multiple threads on the subject.

      Unless your thread is directly referenced in some way, anything you say about it holds no meaning. I am not looking for only your loose interpretations of the thread; I can judge for myself how accurate your claims are – which frankly mean absolutely nothing without the thread.

    • marorun1982

      Stop fooling around when its not allowed to link to another website its because its NOT ALLOWED i will not violate the rule to make you happy.

      If you are unable to find the tread its YOUR problem not mine as its so easy to find a 5 year old could find it.

      You clearly have a problem…

      The tread is named : [EXPERIMENTAL] Enable Mirroring from any device

      Its can be found in the xda forum ( i hope you able to find the xda forum? lol )

      So to find it you on the XDA forum at the upper right of the webpage there is a little box called search all forums all you need to do is paste : [EXPERIMENTAL] Enable Mirroring from any device

      in it and its will show you every page of the thread you choose any of them and just go back manually to the first page and there you go..

      If you cant find it here a transcript of the whole thing :

      Hello, fellow XDA members!
      Some of you may have heard of me before, and for the ones that haven’t, let this be a warm introduction.
      After hearing of the new Chromecast app with Beta support for mirroring, I decided to see if it’s possible to enable for all devices. Apparently it is!
      I assumed that some devices just wouldn’t stream well, so I decided to mark this as [EXPERIMENTAL]. Please note that I did not make the feature, just the method to enable it.
      Please note that you need the latest version of the Chromecast companion app and root access on your device (not your chromecast) for this to work properly. I believe the mirroring functionality requires KitKat, too.


      For the paranoid:
      Source can be found here: *******************************************

      Tested Working:
      (Aside from the officially supported devices)
      ASUS PadFone 2
      Droid RAZR MAXX HD
      Sony Xperia Z
      Sony Xperia Z1
      Sony Xperia Z2
      Sony Xperia ZL
      Sony Z Ultra
      HTC Droid DNA
      HTC One M8 (Including GPE)
      Motorola Moto X
      Motorola Moto G
      Samsung Note 8 Tab
      Samsung Note Pro 12.2 Tab
      Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
      Nexus 7 2012
      Oppo Find 7
      Oppo Find 7a
      OnePlus One
      LG GPad 8.3
      LG G2 Mini
      LG G Flex
      And possibly your smartphone/tablet! Test it out and let me know!

      Mixed Reports (May only work on stock):
      Samsung Galaxy S III
      Samsung Galaxy Note 2

      Tested Not Working:
      HTC EVO 3D
      Galaxy Nexus
      Most older devices

      Need help?
      Hit me up on Twitter or Google+ or, you know, just send me a PM.

      Like what I do?
      Send me your Bitcoins. 1EQMaazk3DmBvSFJmWXzhFWbMiZ3SpUj5Z

      Xda name : r3pwn

    • AGoodM8

      Firstly, calling me a troll when I simply asked for a direct reference to the thread, which you constantly referred to as a basis of what you were saying, is a great example of irony. All you had to do was directly reference it; I really didn’t care how. (The rules pertaining to links are clearly to prevent linkspam; if you’re just referencing a single thread in a discussion then that’s different.) Regardless, just the thread title works fine as well.

      As the thread states, the workaround is – quote: “EXPERIMENTAL”. It doesn’t work well on many of the unofficially supported devices listed. More official support will be added to the ones that should handle it smoothly regardless. We are in the very early beta stage of “Cast Screen” mirroring, and only what – 3 days in? This thread doesn’t suggest in any way that all 4.4.1+ devices are good to go so long as they just have the app like you have previously implied. Even the list of unofficially supported devices is limited. NOT all 4.4.1+ devices are made equal. The software variation is huge; we know that having the same core OS version doesn’t abrogate that in any manner.

      You were complaining about limited support for an early beta feature being a marketing tool. I have explained in detail why that is BS (eg, no point in supporting HTC One M7 over HTC One M8 – why market an out of production phone over a current model?). You failed to address that. You can perhaps complain about support not being as good as it is .. if it remains this limited (which it most certainly will not). HOWEVER, you cannot conclude that it is a marketing gimmick as you have not provided any precedents on which to base that claim.

      When you go on here and allege that a new feature in beta is a marketing gimmick because it does not officially support a huge plethora of devices right from the get go, you have the burden of proof.

      Edit: upvoting your own posts? Well played.

    • marorun1982

      You really like to argue.

      The guy clearly say its should work on all device using kitkat or over ( kit kat first version was 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 btw ) There is ofcourse exceptions but very few of them.

      Also this is only the list of device they did Try it on and all the device in the list work as good on it as any of the official device beside ( samsung S3 and note 2 who work randomly ) The others device who dont work do not have native support for kitkat ( you can get it on them with custom rom and thats dont count ) Its can be enabled on any device with Kitkat *HELLO, fellow XDA members! Some of you may have heard of me before, and for the ones that haven’t, let this be a warm introduction.
      After hearing of the new Chromecast app with Beta support for mirroring, I decided to see if it’s possible to enable for all devices. Apparently it is!¨*

      You dont understand thats its only the chromecast app thats have a device check to block others from using it i am ready to bet with you thats less than 10% of device with native kitkat support thats wont work with it.

      Also a beta is usually open to all device to find those issues.

      Also your HTC thing is quite empty as its work perfectly well on the M8 with NO ISSUE AT ALL the fact they supported M7 and not M8 at launch is because they support device who was sold a lots first thats is a marketing plan! you wanted it you have it!

      We tested it here at the Cellshop i work on several device : Samsung S4 mini , htc one m8 , LG G2 and Sony Z1 and there was no issue with any device the experience was identical to a Nexus 5 ( minus the overheating.. )

      Ppl like you always find excuses to try and discredit others thats why i am calling you a troll as you only play with word and dont bring anything to the table ( and i did bring lots of stuff )

      You say thing like :

      “EXPERIMENTAL”. It doesn’t work well on many of the unofficially supported devices listed.

      Can you give me proof of this? as its work pretty good on all device we tested it on and in fact even better as the others device tested did not overheat.

      You say i dont bring proof when i do but you dont bring proof to lots of what you said..

      Also you say its because of the skin OEM put on the phone.. The skin on the S3 and note 2 is quite similar on kitkat to the one for S4… in fact the S4 skin is even more complex so you make no sense this is a halfbaked excuses with no proof again.

    • AGoodM8

      What you said about the M7 doesn’t equate at all to a marketing gimmick. The basis of marketing is: product, price, place and promotion. The goal? To generate more exposure/awareness and sales. Answer this one question: is the M7 still being sold/marketed? Let me answer that one for you since you will probably get it wrong: NO. Having it on the list of supported devices over the M8 means nothing in the way of generating more sales.

      Frankly, if you’re the one trying to prove how it’s a marketing gimmick and yet you failed to explain how, then there is not much point in working to disprove something that hasn’t been evidenced in the first place. That’s how a burden of proof works, which you seem to have a lot of difficulty understanding.

      The point I made about the skins does indeed make sense; even if the S4 skin is heavier than the S3, it’s the fact that there are so many skins that makes it difficult to support all the devices. You seem to be ignoring the technical aspect.

      As for the “experimental” issues, the XDA post linking to the thread says:

      “Naturally, there will be issues on certain devices. As such, this is currently marked as “experimental,” until more devices are tested. However, we already know that the Xperia Z1, HTC One M8, Samsung Note 8, and Note Pro 12.2 are working fine. The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are hit or miss…”

      Like I said multiple times as well, this is a BETA feature to begin with – only 3 days in, with much more official support incoming. But nope; you’re too full of yourself to even consider that.

      Bottom line: learn to use valid evidence, and learn when to STFU if you can’t do something as simple as that.

    • marorun1982

      Marketing include any tactic to help to sell product or increase your brand value this include having first try on really wanted features or apps.. Apple use this a lots when they buy out a company and stop support to all others OS..

      I wont stop this arguments as beside playing with word and suggar coating you dont bring anything to the table.

      You also only respond to part of my reply. ( wich is funny )
      Fact is there is no issue on any of the device mark as working and the list get longer and longer by the hours where the list of not working or buggy dont get bigger since this morning.

      I asked you for proof and again you bring nothing.

      You the one who need to shut the front door and stop turning around.

      When you will bring proof of what you say and when you will fully reply to all i said then its be worth my time.

      So bring me a valid reason why there is a device check when easily twice if not more device are allready FULLY compatible with as much or less issues than the official device.. When you bring me proof of this then you may be right because as of now there is nearly 30 device supporting it ( including the official 12 one )

      Bottom line you are a troll who cant bring proof of what he say and only reply to part of the arguments to not put yourself in a bad position.

      Its quite sad thats there is still ppl doing this kind of crap.

    • AGoodM8

      False; if this was a marketing gimmick, the M7 would not be targeted over the M8. I have explained multiple times that the M7 is not relevant anymore if you’re looking to prop up the M8. Besides, the OEMs care more about the marketing for hardware rather than Google; Google is mainly concerned for marketing their software.

      Which part did I not respond to? Tell me exactly which part I omitted instead of making a vague complaint about an incomplete response.

      This hack is marked as “EXPERIMENTAL”, and I have quoted the source directly (including the part where it says “The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are hit or miss”).

      Here’s the bottom line: you have the burden of proof because you made a claim/assertion and have not proven it. Just going on here and calling a new feature in early beta with initially limited support a “marketing gimmick” is merely an OPINION – not fact. Who is to say that I have to agree with your opinion? We don’t have to see everything the same way (though I doubt we would anyways with where this is going).

      When you ask me to disprove your claim, you are relying on a LOGICAL FALLACY, specifically “Argument from ignorance”.

      Wikipedia summarizes this fallacy as follows:

      “Argument from ignorance (Latin: argumentum ad ignorantiam), also known as appeal to ignorance (in which ignorance stands for “lack of evidence to the contrary”), is a fallacy in informal logic. It asserts that a proposition is true because it has not yet been proven false”

      Do yourself a favour and get educated – avoid making basic logical fallacies and learn proper grammar.

    • marorun1982

      From last reply i made :

      *So bring me a valid reason why there is a device check when easily twice if not more device are allready FULLY compatible with as much or less issues than the official device.. When you bring me proof of this then you may be right because as of now there is nearly 30 device supporting it ( including the official 12 one )*

      Can you give us a good logical explanation with proof?

      Also Fallacy include saying its because of OEM skin when in fact some device with same skin fail when other succeed ( S3 , note 2 fail where the S4 work.. )

      When someone need to attack another guy Grammar to make a point its very low and to me show how much you wrong.

      At least i bring proof for what i say even if the are not perfect for you at least its explain a bit why as i saw similar stuff on others applications like Telus Link applications who can only be downloaded on some selected device and still work perfectly well on any android when installing by the APK.

      My claim as you said at least have some proof on the table.
      I may be wrong its possible but at least i try to be constructive here where all you do is using word play to put me down. i wont stand for this and wont let it go.

    • AGoodM8

      Regarding the hack’s functionality, from before you also said:

      “Fact is there is no issue on any of the device mark as working and the list get longer and longer by the hours where the list of not working or buggy dont get bigger since this morning.”

      So here you are the one making the claim about unofficially supported devices working well. Well, I already cited the XDA posting which said that it is “EXPERIMENTAL”, again, including the part where it says “The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are hit or miss” …. You yourself stated that it works smoothly on all device – I have doubts about that and for valid reason.

      The point about grammar was entirely separate. It was not an attack; but rather advice you should follow for your own sake …. I’d work on that. As of now you’re difficult to understand, it doesn’t make things any easier for you or really anyone who is trying to follow.

      In response to this:

      “Also Fallacy include saying its because of OEM skin when in fact some device with same skin fail when other succeed ( S3 , note 2 fail where the S4 work.. )”

      I already stated:

      “The point I made about the skins does indeed make sense; even if the S4 skin is heavier than the S3, it’s the fact that there are so many skins that makes it difficult to support all the devices. You seem to be ignoring the technical aspect.”

      There are lots of skins, you’re not going to release software from DAY 1 for every one of them. Maybe the S4 skin is heavier than the S3, but the S4 is higher priority (and I don’t see why not, it’s a newer device). Regardless, there are just so many skins out there that optimizing for all of them isn’t easy like you seem to think it is.

      I never doubted that I need to have some proof of my own – but guess what, the bottom line remains the same. You made a claim that this is a marketing gimmick, and I don’t have an obligation to disprove such a claim because that would be fallacious reasoning. It is definitely your opinion, but you cannot state it as fact as you haven’t supported this claim in a very objective manner.

      Moreover, by:

      -calling me a troll multiple times
      -saying that I know nothing
      -telling me that a 5 year old could find a random thread you referenced
      -initially refusing to directly reference this thread even though it was an important part of your argument
      -claiming that I use word play when in fact I was merely criticising an assertion that I don’t find to be well supported

      …you make it rather difficult for either of us to be constructive. But I think we should look past all the rubbish for the sake of objectivity.

      Another option is we can agree to disagree. I have my reasons, you have yours. Whether we find each other’s reasons to be satisfactory, that’s another matter.

  • lono 36

    I love that shot of molokini off maui, great snorkelling area:)

  • MikeOxlong

    For those who want to get a copy of the new Chromecast app v1.7 right away instead of waiting on google to push it to you, head on over to Android Police and download it from one of their mirrors.

    • Joseph

      Wish I had read this comment earlier lol but either way that’s where I ended up going so wasn’t that bad just would of saved me about 4 minutes extra lol

    • MikeOxlong

      Yea I do know why mobilecopies’r’us doesn’t provide links and/or at least direction to a proper site that does, especially when they copy a lot of their stories from said sites to begin with. So very amateurish.

  • Ontari_do_not

    Did this today – nexus 5 seemed very hot when doing this though :/

    • AGoodM8

      Extremely high data usage on WiFi over the air, while pushing out pixels to not one but two screens for the whole time? You bet that’s going to heat the thing up and kill battery like no tomorrow.

    • marorun1982

      My Sony Z1 is very stable and dont get hot at all when Mirroring on the Chromecast Even when i play games..

      Battery life not a problem with 3000 MAH battery..
      But i love it seriously.

      If you use it for netflix dont do mirroring just Cast it from netflix app.

  • R.S.

    Just installed the latest Chromecast app APK. The screen casting feature works almost flawlessly for me with my N4. Can’t wait until this feature works with all Android devices.

    • marorun1982

      Its work on almost all 4.4.1 device check on google for : XDA chromecast

      You will need to root the device but no need of a custom rom ect so just rooting ( to have access to make your phone appear as one of the valid device )

  • AGoodM8

    This feature for the most part works great. However, does anyone else have black bars along the edges of the TV screen? Or, crop issues with zooming in too much if you switch the picture options to another setting?

    Anyways, here are my thoughts. My only complaints about the current (very early) implementation of screencasting are as follows:

    1. Battery drainage.

    However, that’s to be expected. The only real solution is simply having a better battery. Over time, hopefully a more efficient, battery-optimized Android OS should help – I highly anticipate the Android L update. That said, when you have huge amounts of data being transferred over the air through WiFi while you are forcing your phone’s limited hardware internals to power two screens at once, including 40+ inches, I have to wonder in what universe that would not take a major toll on the battery…

    2. There are thin black bars along the edges of the screen (as noted above).

    The reason is complicated, but I believe it has to do with “overscan”; also, individual TV models deal with it differently. On a similar note, the software buttons are sometimes shown on screen – but that’s app dependant and some devs need to make use of immersive mode already.

    3. Minor input lag and occasional audio dropouts.

    Only solution you have at your disposal is having a really solid WiFi connection, by being in close enough proximity with the Chromecast and wireless AP (access point). Oh, and having a non-sh!tty internet connection is a good start there.

    Overall, I give it a B+. It’s actually really good for an early beta. Good job, Google.

    • marorun1982

      On my nexus 7 only real battery drain was from the screen.. On a two hours movie over 75% of battery usage was from the screen… So if you use it to mirror Netflix you better to just cast the Netflix app it’s will take almost nothing.

  • St. Misery

    Finally this thing is useful!

  • lukeysboat

    This is now the thing that nailed me to staying a Google customer! This works flawless with my Nexus 7. Even emulators work great! Everything works great and it will only get better!

  • Avgvstvs

    I just ordered mine…literally 2 seconds ago from reading this article. Woohoo!

    • marorun1982

      Ordered mine after the Google I/O and i dont regret it at all.
      Now thats its work on my Z1 i am happy! 🙂