BlackBerry Passport, formerly known as ‘Windermere’, coming in September


  • Dimitri

    Hmmm if this device is what i am thinking it will be, i may just end up getting it. I got my sister the Z30 and i am starting to like how Blackberry is changing its ways to make things better and listen to customers ( good ones and not the trolls).

    Hopefully if this devices can just have a removable battery and stereo speakers like the Z30 ( Stereo speakers) i would gladly buy it. I own a Z10 and use it from time to time as i switch from my S5 and i love BB10.

  • yosrmite

    They should call it the ‘poptart’ since it looks like a big poptart lmao

  • Lirodon

    If I were them, I would have kept the Bold and Torch names (BlackBerry Bold X? Torch X?)

    But its too late now; my dad got a new job, and they gave him a Galaxy S5 as his work phone (even I was shocked, but thenagain they’re probably just as likely to give the Apple-aligned people shiny new 5S phones). BlackBerry is dead to me.

  • Detmolders

    These will be collector items.

  • John Smith

    they’ll sell dozens!!! silly dumb delusional canucks.

    • Jean Leblanc

      Dam Yankee, Maybe Obama will change the brand of phone he uses EH!

  • Michael Dodd

    Must have touch screen numbers and symbols. Probs an improvement on hitting the alt key or choosing the ios/android numbers option. Edges dont need to be rounded on qwerty phones. Still gagging for a convenience key to take me to my priority inbox or something along thoose lines.

  • revelationman

    I own a z10 now for almost a year now I have not had one single problem, BB10 is great system very underrated, but different strokes for different folks I choose security, functionality, and speed, BB10 does it for me.

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