Google releases developer guidelines for Project Ara’s modular parts

Project Ara

With each passing bit of information Google releases ahead of its Ara Developers Conference next week, we get more and more excited by the possibilities of a modular smartphone. Yesterday, Google released a Module Developers Kit to provide manufacturers the necessary information to start building the modular parts that will comprise Project Ara’s ecosystem.

Ara MDK v0.10 is obviously in an unfinished state, but has been released ahead of the conference to solicit feedback. For now, the MDK comprises reference guidelines for all possible Ara phone sizes and module arrangements, as well as key specifications for common modules like cameras, and processors. Because Project Ara phones will run Android, little is mentioned about Ara apps, except that they won’t significantly differ from their traditional smartphone counterparts.

Those looking to attend the Ara Developers Conference should hurry, as registration ends today. Those that can’t wait should take a look at the extended Project Ara technology demo given during the LAUNCH conference, which contained additional information on the marketplace Google is hoping to build to help developers sell their modules.

[source]Google[/source][via]The Verge[/via]

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