BlackBerry wins court order to halt Typo sales

U.S. Disrict Judge William Orrick confirmed what many had expected after validating two of three BlackBerry patents in the company’s case against Typo, ruling today that the iPhone keyboard maker must halt sales of its product. Orrick stated in the ruling that BlackBerry is likely to win the infringement case outright, as Typo has failed to muster a strong defence against the validity of the patents, and ignored arguments by Typo that an injunction could put the company out of business.

Typo has previously denied any similarity between the iPhone keyboard case and BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard design, but has recently come under fire for promoting edited blogger reviews of the case that removed any statements of likeness between the two products. We’ll continue to keep tabs on this story, but it appears Typo is set to lose both its court battle and in the court of public opinion.


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